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My Pokemon brings all the jobs to the yard

I don’t know about you, but Pokemon Go has become the obsession with all my friends and coworkers. Check out this post one of my coworkers wrote about playing Pokemon Go at work.

This obsession is so great that it has even created new jobs! But what should you pay?

Pokemon Go Trainer Ad

A month ago you may not have needed a Pokemon Trainer, but now everyone needs help leveling up and hatching eggs. Pricing a new job can be difficult when there isn’t market data so it is important to look at what the job is actually doing. By looking at the compensable factors like years of experience, subject matter expertise, and required skills, we can look at similar jobs in various industries to get a better idea of the salary.

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Let’s dig deeper into the essence of this role:

  • Title Match: We’re not likely to find a Pokemon Trainer, but when we consider the basic elements of the job, we could look at matching to a Training Coordinator or maybe a Personal Trainer, with all that walking. We could also take a look at Tour Guide or Dog Walker to give a better idea of salary.
  • Years of experience: This one always trips people up with a new job. Digital marketing, for example, has only been around for so long, though way longer than Pokemon Go. Still, the folks who take on those jobs typically have prior experience in something similar that qualifies them. Consider how much overall work experience you’re hoping for and use that as a guideline.
  • Key Skills: Once you have a broad range for the job, say $22-66k, you’ll probably want to dial it in a bit further with some of the key skills needed for the role. In the case of our new Pokemon Trainer, they probably need to excel at procurement, strategic partnerships, and communication.

Pricing a new job can be tricky. It’s that delicate balance between paying too much and not enough. That said, many jobs already exist in one form or another, with new critical skills required to flesh them out.

But enough about pricing jobs, when you’re out there trying to catch Pokemon, visit Pokestops, or battle at gyms, you need all the help you can get! Who knows, in the coming years Pokemon Go Trainer could be the next hot summer job.

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