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5 High-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs

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high-paying work-from-home jobs
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You might think that working from home is such a fantastic perk that it must come with a financial hit. However, the fact is that many remote jobs pay as well or better than those that require a commute.

In fact, people who work remotely earn a higher median salary than traditional office workers on average, according to FlexJobs. Recently, the job search site released a list of remote work opportunities that pay close to, or well above, $100,000 annually.

Here are just a few:

1. Audit Manager – $88,110 median annual salary

An audit manager works to ensure that a company is following all laws and regulations. They also see that processes and procedures are in place that keep the business running smoothly. Audit managers keep detailed records and develop an in-depth understanding of auditing practices. These professionals are highly specialized. People who have this job generally have a background in accounting.

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2. Senior Software Engineer – $110,826 median annual salary

Senior software engineers typically have experience working in computer science, web development and sometimes also engineering. These professionals are able to lead a team effectively through complex and detail-oriented tasks and challenges. They work to design and maintain programs, either with a team or alone. And, they sometimes work closely with customers to address their needs.

3. Clinical Regulatory Affairs Director – $134,970 median annual salary

Some industries are more regulated than others (for instance, the food or pharmaceutical industry). But all organizations have to follow federal, state and local laws and many have complicated internal procedures as well. This is where the work of a regulatory affairs director comes in. These professionals work to ensure that regulations are met. Often, they also lead the work of a regulatory affairs committee.

4. Director of Business Development – $139,018 median annual salary

Directors of business development work with organizations to bring in new clients, increase revenue and identify new business opportunities and markets. They also develop strategic partnerships and recommend new products or services.

5. Senior Medical Writer – $93,528 median annual salary

Senior medical writers can work for a variety of different kinds of companies within the industry. They compose materials specifically related to their organization’s work. This might mean conducting research and interviews, writing manuals or training materials, or composing educational papers or positions, for example. A senior medical writer should have experience and expertise in their field. Excellent writing skills are also a requirement.

Note that the salaries listed in this article are from PayScale’s Salary Survey. To learn about other remote jobs that are especially high-paying, see the complete list from FlexJobs.

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