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Love Nature? Consider One of These 5 Flexible Jobs

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Do you enjoy spending time in nature or just learning about the great outdoors? If so, why not consider taking a job that gives you the chance to do what you love?

Indoor work isn’t for everyone. Some people are downright miserable working in an office all day. If you can relate, perhaps you’d like one of these flexible jobs that allow you to be more connected with nature.

Recently, the folks at FlexJobs released a list of flexible jobs for nature lovers. These positions, or others like them, could afford you the opportunity to work outside in the sunshine and fresh air. And, they’d also allow you to do your part to help the planet while getting paid at the same time.

Here are a few jobs from the list:

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1. Fishing Enthusiast

If you love to fish, than this job educating young people about the ecology of the Boston Harbor might be for you. In addition to enthusiasm and fishing expertise, this job requires experience teaching kids and a four-year degree. Perhaps this job sounds appealing to you but it’s not the right fit geographically. In this case, you might consider looking for work as a Hunting and Fishing Guide in your area.

2. Editor – Plant Science

This full-time freelance position involves editing manuscripts related to plant sciences. A relevant post-graduate degree is a plus. And, experience working as an Editor is required. Many workers would consider working from home to be a real perk of this job. Global Workplace Analytics found that 80 to 90 percent of the US workforce says they would like to telecommute, if given the option, at least part-time.

3. Green School Educator

This job requires candidates to have experience working with children, and a love for plants. Folks who’ve worked as a Teacher or a Curriculum Developer could be an ideal fit for the role. If you’re an educator who loves inquiry-based plant science as much as you love teaching, than this job (or something like it) could be right up your alley.

4. Crop Adjuster

The work of a Crop Adjuster has a lot in common with the work of an Insurance Adjuster. It’s just that this job involves identifying and assessing overall crop damage on farms and providing estimates for repairs. Of course, this work does involve travel. You’ll have the opportunity to work with farms. And, you’ll be lending your time and talents to work that supports Farmers.

5. Guest Programs Associate

The requirements of this job are to build and develop aquarium programs in the Atlanta area that are engaging and educational. Other jobs like this one might be found under the category of Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization in other cities around the country. This particular position is seasonal and part-time, giving you the opportunity to try your hand at the work within a temporary arrangement.

For more information, see FlexJobs’ list, 9 Flexible Jobs for Nature Lovers.

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