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Take a Walk, Find a Job With This New CareerBuilder App

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CareerBuilder has jumped from online job searching to on-the-street job searches. Their new free mobile app, CareerBuilder Job Search, launched today on iOS. (Android version coming soon.)

The app plugs in to your surroundings, helping you see who’s hiring in your neighborhood.

Jobs: Gotta Catch Them All

AR/AI (augmented reality/artificial intelligence) apps like Pokémon Go let you “see” an augmented reality on top of your present surroundings. Similarly, the new CareerBuilder mobile app shows job listings as you travel past businesses.

“Similar to the experience in games like Pokémon Go, the new mobile experience will show an augmented reality view of opportunities nearby,” said Humair Ghauri, CareerBuilder’s Chief Product Officer. “For example, if you’re walking around downtown Chicago, you will be able to see what opportunities are available around you in real-time, and the salaries for those available positions.”

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Targeting Job Seekers On-the-Go

Mobile Revolution - AR View
Courtesy of CareerBuilder

While mobile-loving millennials might seem like an easy target with this new tech, Ghauri points out that much of CareerBuilder’s current web traffic actually comes in from users jumping online with their phones.

Whether it’s folks sneaking a new job search from their coffee break at work, or just those tired of a long train commute trying to find some work closer to home, mobile job searches are commonplace. (Just don’t get caught playing games or job searching on company time.)

“CareerBuilder’s new mobile app taps into the trend of digital nomadism, where people are constantly on-the-go,” Ghauri said. “We are not focusing on a specific age group, but rather the changes in how and where job seekers are searching for the next steps in their careers.”

“Right now, ~70% of the traffic on CareerBuilder’s job site comes from mobile devices and that traffic represents a mix of age groups,” he said. “While mobile job search may be more common among millennials, we believe that workers of all generations will appreciate the new features of the CareerBuilder mobile experience, as it will provide job seekers with around-the-clock mobile access to jobs and career information.”

Using AR to Find a Job in a New Reality

For someone looking to relocate, or find a remote job outside of their ‘hood, you can still use the app to search alternate locations, said Ghauri. Kind of like finding out if there’s a really good ice cream place by your vacation hotel using Google Street View.

“Job seekers can use the new app to search for jobs anywhere in the country,” he said. “Through the mobile experience, users can easily change their search preferences and locate job opportunities in very specific areas with map-based targeting.”

So while you can’t catch that ultra rare Vaporeon Pokémon in your friend’s town, you can search for a job nearby.

For more information on CareerBuilder Job Search, see their video how-to:


Would you like to use AR to find a new job? Why or why not? We want to hear from you. Tell us your thoughts in the comments or join the conversation on Twitter.

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