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How We Spent Independence Week 2018

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From scuba diving, to touring historic temples in Japan, to volunteering at the Special Olympics, here are a few different ways PayScalers chose to celebrate the first-annual Independence Week, our company-wide holiday.

Last week, PayScalers all over the US took a well-deserved break from work to embrace Independence Week, a week-long vacation from work during the week of Independence Day. The move was inspired by the book “Rest” by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, which is focused on the benefits (at work and outside of work) of taking a break from work. As explained in “Rest”, research has shown that rest and work/life balance are crucial to on-the-job performance. With that in mind, the goal of Independence Week was to ensure that PayScale employees would come back from a week of rest ready and excited to serve our customers.

What’s perhaps more interesting than why we took a break is how our employees actually spent their week off. Check out some of the stories we’ve highlighted below of how PayScalers spent their Independence Week. Did I mention we’re hiring?

How PayScalers Spent Independence Week 2018

Chelsea – Customer Success Team

“I spent Independence Week scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico. This is the same place that my husband proposed to me years ago!”

Robert – Engineering Team

“My wife and I spent the week in Scotland and Ireland! It was our first time there.”

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Laura – Customer Marketing

“We drove over 3,000 miles to refill our cheese drawer in Wisconsin with our three dogs. Totally worth it.”

Andrew – Sales Operations

My daughter and I spent Independence Week volunteering to work shifts at the Special Olympics USA Games. She made signs for her favorite athletes to give to them after their event.

Grace – Customer Success Team

I spent my Independence Week by traveling to Japan for the first time and visited Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. I had some of the best food I’ve ever tasted, toured both historic and new landmarks, and even reconnected with a childhood friend who moved to Japan.

Sean and Karaka- Content Marketing and Product Management

“We spent our week hiking, riding bikes and floating the river. On one hike we took the kiddos to a mountain lake, where we saw countless butterflies! It was a memorable moment from an amazingly relaxing week!”

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