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PayScale Introduces Independence Week, aka the Vacation You Didn’t Know You Needed

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This Fourth of July week, PayScale is giving all 450 of its employees some much-deserved time off. Thank you, PayScale! Here’s why your organization should do the same.

Picture this. It’s the week of July Fourth. The weather is warm enough for swimming, and the promise of fireworks, hotdogs and a cold beer are near. The problem? You haven’t had a real vacation since Christmas break (even that wasn’t very relaxing), and work holidays that last just one day are almost more stressful than not having a holiday at all. Not to mention it’s almost impossible to fully unplug when you know another day at the office is just around the corner. The truth is, most of us don’t have to close our eyes and imagine this scenario, because we’ve literally lived it.


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This is exactly why it’s so exciting that PayScale has announced Independence Week, a full week of paid time off for all 450 PayScale employees. Taking place the week of July Fourth, Independence Week is an intentional vacation that allows employees to fully unplug from their work and enjoy a full week of paid rest. The move was inspired by the book Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, which – in line with recent research – concludes that taking time to rest results in improved performance upon return.

“We believe it will pay off significantly in better employee engagement, long-term retention, renewed creativity and even better customer focus,” said Stacey Klimek, Vice President of People at PayScale. Of course, giving everyone in the company a week off isn’t as simple as it sounds. PayScale had to strategically plan for this extra holiday week.

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“We believe the outcome is worth the investment,” said Stacey Klimek. “We also hope we’re presenting an example for other employers looking to invest in their employees in a unique way.”

PayScale employees have been aware of Independence Week for a few months now, and many have already made plans for how they will spend their week of rest, including:

  • “a full week of undisturbed video gaming” – Content Marketing Manager (and the author of this post)
  • “finally going to remodel my home” – Senior Manager, Customer Service
  • “going to go hike Mt. St. Helens and maybe Mt. Adams too!” – Senior People Business Partner
  • “Staycation and backyard camping” – Employee Experience Manager
  • “Family trip to the Washington coast” – Account Executive

“We can’t wait to hear the stories our employees will share,” said Mike Metzger, CEO of PayScale. “And, from a purely business perspective, we are confident we stand to gain an even stronger second half of 2018 based on this important investment in rest and recovery. We view our Independence Week as the start of a pretty amazing virtuous cycle.”

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