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10 Telecommuting Jobs with No Location Requirement, Hiring Now

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Want to work remotely or telecommute? These days, technology allows us to work from nearly anywhere, often more efficiently than in head office, in jobs from entry-level to senior management positions.

Originally written by Adrianne Bibby for FlexJobs.

If you live in an area where jobs are scarce, there’s good news: you don’t have to confine your search for work to your immediate geographic neighborhood. The global workplace means that you can broaden your career prospects immensely by looking for jobs with no location requirement.

From entry-level jobs to senior management positions, work-from-anywhere jobs can offer you tremendous control over where you live, and your day-to-day work environment. To be sure, some telecommuting jobs require a location, for a wide variety of reasons. But a growing number of employers don’t care where the work gets done, as long as it’s completed on time and to their specifications.

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Here are 10 telecommuting jobs with no location requirement, hiring now:

Chart Designer – Illustrator

Median Salary via PayScale: $45,157

A freelance job, this position is a good fit for an experienced graphic designer looking to work a minimum of 30 hours per week. Duties include supporting illustration and chart redrawing across the employers PowerPoint and graphic design services; expertise with Adobe Illustrator required.

Content Partnerships Manager

Median Salary via PayScale: $71,942

Work from anywhere as part of remote team dedicated to helping students manage debt from educational loans. The job involves securing and maintaining original content partnerships; a degree in PR, communications, marketing or related studies is preferred, along with at least three years of experience.

Copy Editor

Median Salary via PayScale: $42,815 

This is an entry-level, freelance job involving editing and proofreading online content for clarity, grammar, and in-house style. To qualify, you’ll need a degree in English, journalism or a related field, or equivalent experience.

Executive Assistant

Median Salary via PayScale: $52,787

This full-time, work-from-anywhere position requires at least five years of experience supporting executives. You’ll coordinate schedules of senior-level managers; create documents, presentations and spreadsheets; and manage complex travel arrangements.

Live English Coach

Median Salary via PayScale: $40,736

A part-time, flexible job of 10-20 hours a week, this position is a good fit for a native English speaker with experience teaching English, a teaching certification or a degree in language teaching or applied linguistics.

People Operations Manager

Median Salary via PayScale: $62,700

Part of a small remote team working across different time zones, this position involves improving the work experience for the company’s employees, building relationships and increasing team engagement. Qualifications include significant related experience working with technical teams.

Senior Product Manager

Median Salary via PayScale: $121,050

Product management experience is required for this full-time job overseeing product life cycle, including strategic planning, tactical activities, and product delivery. A degree in computer science or a related field, or equivalent experience is required; a master’s degree or MBA is a plus.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Median Salary via PayScale: $109,318

If you have a background building complex web applications using modern libraries or frameworks, this a great work-from-anywhere opportunity. To qualify, you’ll need expert-level proficiency in a programming language such as Ruby, Python or JavaScript.

Web Development Project Manager

Median Salary via PayScale: $84,604

If you have extensive experience in front-end or back-end development and a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related area, this is a great management-level job developing and reviewing projects. You’ll need a background in web design standards and experience working with complex websites.


Median Salary via PayScale: $48,670

You can write from anywhere for this Australia-based employer specializing in executive personal branding. You’ll need experience in HR, talent acquisition, recruitment, marketing, or a related field, with an educational background in English literature, psychology or the arts.

10 Telecommuting Jobs with No Location Requirement, Hiring Now originally appeared on FlexJobs.


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