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Career Lessons from Star Wars: May the Fourth Be With You (GIFs Aplenty!)

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You may not work with a wookie, but the Star Wars franchise has a lot to offer when it comes to life lessons in the workplace. So on May the Fourth, let’s take a look at what we can learn from some Jedi mind tricks and a couple droids.

Learn When to Speak, and When to Be Quiet

If Star Wars has taught us anything, it’s that you just can’t go naysaying the job while you’re at the job. Being the work grump isn’t going to be good for advancement, or maybe even breathing, if Darth Vader is your boss. And if you have negative coworkers, try dealing with them in a positive manner. No Force Choking, ok?


Do You Know What You're Worth?

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Going with the flow is all well and good, but being ready to deal with problems at a moment’s notice is even better. Think that server won’t crash right when you’re about to launch? It will. Always be prepared for problems and the unexpected! That’s no moon!


Confidence is Always a Good Idea

What’s super exciting and inspiring? Confidence! Get that droid off your back with their complicated math and naysaying. Keep that confidence high and you might just be one of the top starship pilots in the galaxy one day!


Find a Mentor to Help You Succeed

Luke needed a teacher, Anakin needed a teacher, Rey needed a teacher. We all need mentors to make it happen. If you’re struggling to find someone you can go to for advice and helpful guidance for your career, try some of our tips for finding a great mentor.


Know How to Simpiyfy the Complex

Nobody likes to talk to someone who just goes all over their head with technical language. Don’t be the person from IT who talks down to everyone, or the supervisor who makes everyone wonder what the heck is going on because they keep using “business speak” or acronyms instead of just relating to their employees.


You Have to Try…Even When it’s Hard

Yoda is always right. There is no “try” when you’re trying to get ahead at your job. Make sure to keep your sights always set on the horizon and keep making yourself more awesome. Lift that X-Wing out of the swamp. You can do it.


Know When to Ask for Help

Sometimes you get in a jam. Remember that your coworkers are there to be your teammates, and you can achieve your goals together!


Remember That the Deadline Always Matters

Whether you’re working to get the Death Star up and running, or just trying to launch that website, a schedule is in place for a reason. If the project is in jeopardy you could get in trouble. And you don’t want to upset the boss.


And above all…


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