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Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions First

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Quitting your job is a big deal. It’s not the kind of decision you should make impulsively. Instead, you should pause and do some real soul searching before taking such bold action.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job, you probably have a lot of thoughts racing through your mind. But, it’s important that you slow down a little and think carefully about this decision. There’s a lot to consider here, so before you make it official and quit your job, consider the following questions and your answers to them. Be realistic and honest with yourself as you go through them one at a time.

1. Should you negotiate for a change instead?

It’s not easy to leave a job and start all over again. So, before you walk away, think about whether or not there are any changes you could make that would shift the way you’re feeling. Maybe you could take on some different job responsibilities to help freshen things up. Or perhaps you want to travel less, for example.Think out of the box and consider all options. Maybe negotiating for a higher salary, better benefits or increased flexibility would make a difference. Be sure to check out PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide if you’re seriously considering this option; it’s a valuable resource.

2. Could you just be having a bad week or month?

Keep in mind that our job satisfaction naturally ebbs and flows a bit, just like our moods. Similarly, companies go through their own ups and downs. Before you quit, make sure you’re not just going through a challenging time that will pass soon enough. Have you had a vacation lately? Maybe a break would help you to reset a little.

3. How much do you have in savings?

Carefully consider your current financial situation and ask yourself if you can really afford to do this. Calculate how long your savings can carry you. Be realistic about the risk you’re taking and ask yourself whether or not you’re really comfortable digging into your savings.

4. How long will it take you to find another job?

Seriously consider how this change will effect you now and as time progresses. How long is it likely to take you to find another job? Be realistic about the current job market in your area, maybe even do some research online to see who’s hiring. Also, keep in mind that conventional wisdom states that it takes about a month per every $10,000 you expect to earn, but it can take much longer than that, of course. The job search process is often long and arduous – be sure you’re properly appreciating that reality before you quit.

5. How much of this is about your boss?

A lot of people leave their jobs because they don’t get along with their boss. A Gallup study found that 50 percent of people say they have left a job at some point in their career in order to get away from their manager. It is important to keep in mind that job appointments change, and bosses come and go. Ask yourself whether or not you really want to throw away a job that you could really enjoy because of a difficult boss.

6. Is your job the problem or are you ready to work in a different industry?

Now is the time to ask yourself some hard questions about what you really want. If you feel like you’re ready to leave your job, think about what you really want to be doing instead. It’d be a shame to change companies just to find that you’re still unhappy. Maybe you’re ready for a larger career shift. Are you tired of doing your job, or could you be ready to try working in an entirely different industry?

7. Why do you want to stay?

The last thing you should ask yourself before quitting your job is, why do you want to stay? What factors are pulling you away from wanting to quit. Be honest with yourself about everything you’ll be losing if you walk away. Think about the colleagues you enjoy. Consider how hard you’ve worked to build your reputation at your current organization. It’s a good idea to weigh the pros, not just the cons. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking away from both if you do decide to quit.

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