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Earth Day: 5 Jobs For People Who Want to Save the Planet

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Earth Day is April 22. But for many professionals, working to improve the environment and instituting environmental protections is something they do every day.

Rachel Carson published her bestselling book Silent Spring in 1962, and the book became a touchstone that raised public awareness about environmental concerns in a big way. After the environmental awakening of the ’60s, the celebration of Earth Day began in 1970 in response to that emerging consciousness. It was proposed by then Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, who was later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton for his role as Earth Day’s founder.

Today, Earth Day is a global event, inspiring millions to get involved in environmental protection each year. It even inspires some to devote their careers to protecting the environment. So, in celebration of Earth Day, here are a few jobs for people who want to save the planet.

1. Science Teacher

Teachers have a tremendous amount of influence. If you really want to do something good for the planet, consider working closely with the people who will be in charge of taking care of it in the years to come. Educators don’t just teach facts and figures; Working as a science teacher, or really any kind of educator, is a great way to inspire others to be concerned about the environment and work to care for it.

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2. Sustainability Manager

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when most companies has very little concern for environmental issues. Thankfully, these days more and more organizations appreciate the value of managing their environmental impact and consequently hire a sustainability manager to help them evaluate and reduce their ecological footprint. These professionals work hard to design and supervise sustainability initiatives that work for individuals, the environment, and their organizations.

3. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers work in many different sectors. If you’re interested in doing work that helps protect the planet, you might be interested in working as an environmental civil engineer.

“If you’ve thought about how we control pollution in the air and water or how we clean up contaminated waste sites or how we assess exposure and human risk, you’re already thinking like an environmental engineer,” states an article from Georgia Tech on civil and environmental engineering. “From clean drinking water and air quality monitoring to pollution controls and sustainable development, environmental engineers are designing new ways to make life better for people around the globe while respecting our world’s natural resources.”

4. Environmental Scientist

We need to have solid, up-to-date, factual information in order to protect the planet. An environmental scientist is responsible for conducting research on various environmental matters in order to do just that. This work helps lawmakers develop, implement, and enforce policies that protect both the planet and its citizens. In order to solve a problem, it first has to be identified and understood, and this is the work of environmental scientists.

5. Clean Car Engineer

The task of retooling the auto industry for more environmentally friendly solutions is important and timely work. Clean Car Engineers work to redesign vehicles to consume less fossil fuel and produce less pollution. Working as an automotive engineer is challenging but highly impactful work. Additionally, National Geographic dubbed clean car engineer as one of the fastest growing green jobs.

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