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5 Easy April Fools’ Pranks to Play in the Office

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April Fools’ Day falls on a Sunday this year – great news for people who are hoping to torment their family members with blue milk or cellophaned toilet seats, but not so great news for those hoping to get a rise out of their coworkers.

But don’t despair! You don’t need a lot of advanced planning to get your digs in before you head out for the weekend. These easy April Fools’ pranks are perfect for the last minute.

1. Leave a Note

“At work, leave a post-it note on someone’s desk that says, ‘See me immediately!’ Then make the signature illegible.” – wee_man, Reddit

2. “Fix” Your Coworker’s Computer

“Log in to someone’s PC and take a screenshot of their desktop and make it the background. Put all the desktop icons in a folder and put it in the root of C where it won’t appear and hide the task bar. They’ll click all over the place trying to figure out why nothing works and a reboot won’t fix it.” – beanstalkim, Reddit

3. Upgrade the Toaster

April Fools' pranks
Tumblr, via HubSpot

4. Hang a Helpful Sign

“Tape a ‘Door is broken, use other door’ sign to every door with arrows pointing clockwise (or counter clockwise for you anarchists out there) around the building.” – TIL_sarcasm, Reddit

5. Remind Everyone That There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Nic Cage

“I work the mid shift at my company as a IT analyst. After everyone goes home, I plan on taping tiny pictures of Nicholas Cage on the underside of their optical mice.” – Glad_Hander, Reddit

nic cage

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