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4 of the 5 Fastest Growing Flexible Jobs Are in This Industry

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Want work flexibility and job security? Healthcare is the place to be.

Recently, FlexJobs combed their database to find the most in-demand, fast-growing flexible jobs, according to their listings and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Healthcare jobs accounted for four out of the five top spots on their list.

What does “flexible” mean? Depending on the job, you might be able to score a full-time telecommuting gig, but that’s not the only type of flexibility on offer. Some jobs are part-time, temporary or contract.

It’s also important to note that pay varies widely in these occupations, as do educational requirements.

For instance, personal care aide tops the list for number of new jobs projected by 2026, and most workers in this field can start with just a high school diploma and on-the-job training. But you won’t get rich doing this very important job. PayScale’s data show that median annual salary hovers around $24,000.

On the other hand, registered nurses must have at least an associate degree (and many employers insist on a bachelor’s) — but they earn a median annual salary of over $62,000, per our data.

The 5 Fastest Growing Flexible Jobs Right Now

Personal Care Aide/Home Health Aide

As the population ages, personal care and home health aide jobs will continue to increase. These workers help elderly, disabled or injured people with the activities of daily life.

Median Annual Income: $24,232

Projected Jobs Added by 2026: 777,600 (Personal Care Aides); 431,200 (Home Health Care Aides)

Registered Nurse

When it comes to flexibility, you can’t beat nursing. Even more traditional jobs in hospitals may offer alternate scheduling (three 12-hour shifts per week, as opposed to five 8-hour ones) and/or the possibility to work per diem. Thanks to technology, registered nurses can also land jobs that allow them to work at home full-time as case managers.

Median Annual Income: $62,020

Projected Jobs Added by 2026: 438,100

Software Developer, Applications

The rare non-healthcare job on our list, software developers have a lot of flexibility, due to the fact that their jobs are dependent on technology.

Median Annual Income: $70,687

Projected Jobs Added by 2026: 255,400

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants help doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals run more smoothly by handling administrative tasks, as well as taking patients’ vital signs and symptoms. This job typically requires a post-secondary non-degree award.

Median Annual Income: $30,667

Projected Jobs Added by 2026: 183,900

Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants measure vital signs and feed and bathe patients. They work under the supervision of registered nurses and other staff. These workers can often work part-time and may need to be certified. CNA training typically takes about six months.

Median Annual Income: $30,026

Projected Jobs Added by 2026: 173,400

For more information, see FlexJobs’ list, The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs with Flexibility, Hiring Now.

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