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PayScale Hero Awards: The 10 Most Satisfying Tech Companies to Work For

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If you want high pay and a sense of purpose, working in tech might be right for you. But it’s not all free cereal and stock options in the industry. Satisfaction varies widely from employer to employer.

PayScale’s Hero Awards recognize employers who get high marks from workers on metrics like appreciation, fair pay process and company outlook. Our first list of award winners features organizations that boast the most satisfied employees. Unsurprisingly, several tech employers made the cut.

To be a PayScale Hero, employers had to have a high percentage of satisfied employees. We measured this by asking survey respondents to rank the statement “I am extremely satisfied working for my employer” on a five-point scale from 1 – Strongly Disagree to 5 – Strongly Agree. If 80 percent or more of employees chose a 4 or a 5, the employer earned a spot on the list.

There are the top 10 most satisfying tech companies to work for:

Why Do Some Tech Companies Earn High Marks for Employee Satisfaction?

Despite high pay and exciting opportunities, tech isn’t the most dominant industry on our list. That honor goes to health care, which accounts for nearly a third of our winners.

But tech companies still make a respectable showing, earning 15 spots. That only makes sense. Simply put, these organizations can’t afford to be anything but spectacular, if they want to attract the talent they need.

Engineers, developers and product managers have their choice of employers even when the job market isn’t as tight as it is currently. With unemployment hovering around a 17-year-low, there are plenty of places for talented tech workers to go, if they don’t like where they are currently.

That doesn’t mean that every tech employer will be worthy of a Hero Award, of course. PayScale’s recent report, Tech Companies Compared, showed a wide range of satisfaction, job stress and meaning among the top employers in the industry. A six-figure salary sounds great … until it comes with a whopping side order of stress and/or a company culture problem.

So, if you’re a talented tech worker looking for an employer that’s worthy of your skills, check out the PayScale Hero Awards. Your next company might well be on the list.

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