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Two Career Resolutions for 2018 and Tips to Achieve Them

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John Paul Tyrone Fernandez

If your New Year’s resolutions involve your career, they may include one or both of these popular resolutions.


As you know, resolutions are easier to make than to keep. So here are some tips to make these stick.

Earn More Money

There are many ways to earn more money. You could ask for a raise, go to school or get extra training to expand your skills, or switch jobs, for example. But if making more money is at the top your resolutions list for 2018, make sure you have specific goals and think through the steps it will take to get there. Otherwise, you may fail.


The acronym SMART is a great guide to get started. Set goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time specific


Whether you like old-school planners or cutting-edge technology, goal-setting help abounds. Nicole Booz, founder and editor-in-chief of GenTwenty, raves about the Unbound Planner for tracking all your goals in one place, with a timeline page that helps you break down your year’s goal into repeating monthly, weekly and daily tasks.


If the SMART strategy resonates with you, the Lifetick app helps you create steps to achieve your goal and even invite others to view your progress. Or just pick one of many goal-setting apps that will help you stick with your resolution.


Do You Know What You're Worth?


Be More Positive


Embracing a positive attitude can translate into results in multiple areas of work. Your colleagues will notice, and it might make your day more fun. And your boss may take note – which can translate into a better review and possibly a raise.


But there are also other benefits. Approaching your work from a positive perspective can lead to better mental and physical health. If you feel more content on the job, you are less likely to fall victim to stress.


So how exactly do you turn that frown upside down if you’re not so happy at work?


Taking an introspective approach – pausing before blaming others in conflict, for example – and practicing  mindfulness are ways you can put positivity to work for you. Going for a walk or finding a positive influence at work to chat with also can infuse your day with positive vibes.


There’s also an app for that. The Happify app uses a test to assess your current happiness status, then creates a program using games, tools and coaching to boost your happiness.


Whatever your career resolutions in the coming year, remember that PayScale can help you determine what you’re worth and how to get there.


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Consider making SMART goals even SMARTER
E= Enjoyable + Ethical
R= Reviewed + Rewarding.

Hope that helps. Search for JAMSO SMARTER goals to discover more

Nicole Booz
Nicole Booz

Hi Christine, I love these two goals!! I’m particularly glad that you mentioned introspection — it’s so important to take time to reflect on the situations we find ourselves in and realize we have more control over them than we may think. Thank you for including my review of the Unbound Planner!

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