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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Ask These 6 Questions for Better Goals in 2018

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The best New Year’s resolutions are about goal-setting (as opposed to self-shaming, which is less useful, although sadly quite popular).

And the best goals are specific. Want to get a raise next year? Know your worth and learn some negotiating skills. Plan to go back to school? Start researching programs and getting your paperwork in order.

But sometimes, just getting started is the hard part. How do you set goals when you don’t know, exactly, what you want? If you’re struggling with this first step, today’s lead story will help you figure out what to focus on. That, plus how to rebuild burned bridges and awesome Twitter features you might not know about, in this week’s roundup.

Scott Mabry at Soul To Work: 6 Simple Questions to Guide Your Goals for 2018

The first question you should ask yourself, Mabry writes, is, “Where are you going?”

If you have no destination, anywhere will do. That may be why you are in a place you do not wish to stay. Begin with the end in mind. Write out your personal mission statement and the outcomes that are important to your life. Declare your future in a manifesto that you can refer to again and again during the year ahead. Pare it down until you feel you’ve captured the essential elements and make it specific.

Read more simple questions that will inspire revealing answers, here.

Rachel Weingarten at The Ladders: How to Rebuild Burned Bridges at Work

“Joan Jett may have sung about not giving a damn about her bad reputation (Sorry, Britney, your cover just doesn’t have the same power as the original), but in the business world, sometimes you have to make nice to people you despise,” Weingarten writes. “And sometimes it’s more complicated than that. You had a bad moment, made a stupid mistake and have to figure out how to reconnect professionally to move your career forward.”

To help you learn how to do that, Weingarten consulted an expert: Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow, J.D., M.Ed., Clinical Assistant Professor, Management and Business Law at Indiana University’ Kelley School of Business. Read her tips, here, and make 2018 the year you fix your mistakes instead of running away from them.

David Boutin at Maximize Social Business: 5 Awesome Twitter Features You Should Use Now

“There are a zillion and one tools to help you manage your Twitter account,” writes Boutin. “Trust me, I work for one of them. And while they’re all helpful and awesome in their own way, there are some nifty features built right into Twitter a lot of people don’t take advantage of.”

What kinds of features? Everything from basic options like Quote a Tweet to more complex techniques like tweeting links with clickable images. Even if you’re a pro, there are new uses here for features you’ve already been using.

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