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3 Techniques for Getting Organized in the New Year

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The new year is almost here, and you’re determined to keep at least one resolution: To be better organized at work (and possibly in life, too).

The potential payoffs are huge. Get organized, and you’ll be more productive, more creative and even appear more “with it” to your coworkers.

Want to try out a new organizational technique in 2018? Start with one of these popular methods.

1. Bullet Journaling

The concept of the bullet journal sprang from the very organized mind of designer Ryder Carroll. Bullet journals are a combination planner, to-do list and diary. Users stay organized by listing, completing and migrating tasks. A series of symbols add meaning to lists and calendars. It’s a bit of an analog switch-up from our usual digital world.

If you’re into a new way of tackling your to-do list, and like putting pen to paper every day, then bullet journaling might just be your key to getting organized. It can seem a bit complicated, but there are explanatory videos by the company and an army of devotees to help explain it to you.

2. Inbox Zero

The principle here is to never again see that little nagging number of unread (and therefore not-yet-dealt-with) email messages in your inbox.

You can do this by filing away your messages into folders that keep you more organized. Deal with things in a timely matter and never have to waste time searching for an important message about a project again.

At Fast Company, productivity expert JR Raphael offers some simple ideas for getting started with “inbox zero.” He calls the technique “the ultimate New Year’s resolution for busy people.”

3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Author and organizing guru Marie Kondo has a world of followers who subscribe to her decluttering method. But, you can also take her principles to your workspace in 2018.

Do you still have a file system that’s more of a paper-holder than an organizer? Change it! Are you piling things on your desk instead of dealing with them, creating clutter and earning the stink eye from your boss? Try getting tidy and change how you’re perceived in 2018.

While some studies say that mess = intelligence, Alison Green at Ask a Manager notes that actually, a messy desk makes people think you’re disorganized.

We all enjoy January as that month of new resolutions. While you try to eat better and get to the gym, keep in mind that getting organized at work can make your day easier — not to mention, maximize those few precious hours you’re not spending at your desk.

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