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Common Jobs for Veterans

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This Saturday marks another Veterans Day in the United States. On this day, Americans honor those who’ve served in the military. Many companies offer discounts to former or current service members as well. But veterans need more from their country than free oil changes and appetizers.

After the recession, a high percentage of recent veterans were unable to find gainful employment. The good news? Things are starting to look up. Marketplace recently reported that the unemployment rate for veterans dropped from nearly 9 percent in 2010 to just above 4 percent in 2017. That’s similar to the rate of unemployment for non-veterans.

Still, transitioning to civilian life can be a challenge. If you, a friend or family member is struggling to find the right job after leaving the military, it can’t hurt to learn what other veterans are doing for work. To that end, PayScale looked at data from military veterans to see which jobs are common for former service members. We even broke these common jobs down by military branch so you can see how various career paths differ depending on what branch of the military you come from.

Common Jobs For Air Force Veterans

Aircraft Mechanic

$54,800 per year

Software Developer

$71,300 per year

Security Engineer

$96,100 per year

Common Jobs For Army Veterans

Diesel Mechanic

$44,100 per year

Production Supervisor

$60,200 per year

Systems Administrator

$64,100 per year

Common Jobs For Coast Guard Veterans

Operations Director

$113,000 per year

Project Manager

$84,100 per year

Environmental Health and Safety Manager

$84,000 per year

Common Jobs For Marine Corps Veterans

Operations Manager

$74,200 per year

Network Engineer

$73,500 per year

Security Guard

$27,900 per year

Common Jobs For Navy Veterans

Registered Nurse

$61,400 per year

Facilities Supervisor

$62,100 per year

Electrical Engineer

$71,100 per year

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