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7 Jobs That Make #CyberMonday Possible

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When Cyber Monday rolls around, most of us unabashedly take advantage of Cyber Monday deals across the web, enjoying the deep discounts and same-day shipping. In the last few years, Cyber Monday has become a more acceptable version of Black Friday, without the human stampedes and long lines at the local superstore.

But, we probably don’t think about the workers behind the scenes who make Cyber Monday a seamless, money-saving day for shoppers. To give credit where credit is due, we used PayScale data to showcase a few of the jobs that make Cyber Monday possible — as well as what they typically pay.

1) Data Scientist – $77,300 per year

Data scientists are numbers people. They develop machine learning-based tools and algorithms. The results of these efforts help companies in all sorts of ways. A data scientist at Amazon might crunch the numbers so that the company has a good idea of what type of products, features and services they should feature on Cyber Monday.

2) Hand Packager – $24,200 per year

At the end of the day, not everything can be done by robots. (At least, not yet.) When situations arise where a human touch is needed, companies employ humans to supply just that. Packagers are the last people to touch your shiny new purchase before it goes onto the truck for delivery to your front door.

3) Vendor Manager – $72,600 per year

Vendor managers are the relationship people for big companies like Amazon. They bring in new and exciting companies or sellers to sell their products on the company’s site, and then maintain those relationships. Vendor managers also deal with the financial end of merchandising and negotiate deals with vendors.

4) User Experience Designer – $59,800 per year

The main role of user experience designers is to ensure that your experience on their website is the best that it can possible be. They conduct a lot of research and psychological studies behind the scenes to test everything from your reception to different colors to the results of different placement of buttons on the screen. So, the next time you’re able to quickly find exactly what you were looking for on any given website, remember that some UX designer worked really hard to make sure that was possible.

5) Area Operations Manager – $65,000 per year

Area operations managers have a big job to do at companies like Amazon. Their duties include fulfillment and operations management for every geographic area that the company services. They are also responsible for helping to forecast sales, ensuring that safety protocol is followed and are usually expected to lead large teams. These people make sure that your purchase gets from the warehouse to your front door on schedule.

6) Senior Marketing Manager – $89,300 per year

Do you ever feel like your inbox is overflowing with cyber Monday promotion emails? (Or just promotional emails in general?) That may be so, but it’s for good reason. Marketing managers who work for companies like Amazon ensure that you’re aware of all the sales, deals and deep discounts relevant to you on days like Cyber Monday. This usually involves campaigns that span across email marketing, ad retargeting and social media marketing. Occasionally, these kinds of marketing communications can come off as spammy, but its better than missing out on a really great deal on something you’ve always wanted.

7) Delivery Driver – $30,800

Delivery drivers have one of the most important jobs on Cyber Monday. They are  responsible for making sure that your package gets delivered to the right address on time and in one piece. Delivery drivers are a crucial part of what makes e-commerce companies successful.

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