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7 Future Jobs You Might Hold in 10 Years

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Technological advancement and automation are changing the way we live and work. There is a growing debate about how these changes will impact the job market. But, we know that some jobs will be eliminated while others are created — technology has had that effect since the Industrial Revolution.

We can’t see the future. However, understanding which jobs are likely to fade away and which are likely to emerge in their absence could help workers prepare.

A new report from the professional services company Cognizant identifies 21 jobs that researchers expect will become prominent over the course of the next 10 years. Many of the jobs are highly technical, but not all of them. Let’s take a look at just a few of the jobs identified in this report.

1. Ethical Sourcing Officer

An ethical sourcing officer would presumably lead an ethical sourcing team. This group would be responsible for allocating corporate income in ways that align with the standards set by stakeholders. The ethical sourcing officer would navigate the distribution of goods and services to ensure outcomes are in line with the desires and requests of the stakeholders.

Potentially relevant skills and abilities: communication/interpersonal, analytics, tact/diplomacy, negotiation, leadership/teams.

2. Genetic Diversity Officer

Diversity is a tremendous asset to an organization. It encourages different ideas and perspectives, which drives creativity and innovation. Genetic diversity officers would help to ensure that teams and organizations are genetically diverse — beyond race and gender and other specifics that hold more of the focus today. The definition of “maintaining an inclusive workforce” is likely to continue to change as we progress as a society.

Potentially relevant skills and abilities: biology/genomics, relationship building/interpersonal, self-motivated, organization, human resources.

3. Fitness Commitment Counselor

The way we stay fit and healthy is likely to change in the future. As a result, jobs within the fitness industry will shift, too. Fitness commitment counselors would work one on one with clients. They’d use clients’ wearable tracking devices to monitor progress and habits. Then, they’d utilize data and feedback to design personalized goals and tracks for clients.

Potentially relevant skills and abilities: communication/interpersonal, organization, fitness/wellness, nursing, counseling.

4. Cyber City Analyst

The cyber cities of the future could require some new kinds of oversight and coordination. It’s likely that these needs will arise as technology takes over more and more processes. That’s where cyber city analysts would come in. These folks would be responsible for overseeing the safety, security and functionality of a city on a technical level. They’d troubleshoot issues are they arose, both large and small, to keep everything running smoothly.

Potentially relevant skills and abilities: digital engineering, analytics, design thinking, circuitry, 3-D printing.

5. Personal Memory Curator

Personal memory curators would help elderly people to improve their cognitive functioning abilities and their memory, as well as their overall quality of life. These individuals would design and create virtual reality environments that would help customers to better recall a certain time or place, in an effort to combat memory loss.

Potentially relevant skills and abilities: communication/interpersonal, programming, compassion, tact/diplomacy, narrative/storytelling abilities.

6. Virtual Store Sherpa

The retail industry is changing. Shopping online is already common. A virtual store sherpa would help customers navigate their online shopping experience with a given company. They’d assist them in finding the products they’re looking for and answer questions. This customer service would be provided nearly instantaneously, helping to ensure a positive and efficient experience for shoppers.

Potentially relevant skills and abilities: organization, communication/interpersonal, high school degree, retail experience, a secure home working environment.

7. Man-Machine Teaming Manager

Humans and robots bring different skills and abilities to the table. The real magic happens when these groups team up and work together. When the precision, speed, and reliability of machines is matched with the sensibilities and ingenuity of people, there is a wealth of potential. Man-machine teaming managers would be in charge of pairings like these, in an effort to propel a company, and their products and services, into the future.

Potentially relevant skills and abilities: robotics, programming, communication/interpersonal, leadership, social robots.

To see the other jobs on the list be sure to check out the full report from Cognizant.

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