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5 Ways to Get Organized (Finally)

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Many people struggle with organization. In fact, 27 percent say they feel disorganized at work. It’s so easy for things to get out of hand, and so difficult to find the time to put things in order.

However, it’s worth it to make the effort: when all is said and done, being organized saves time. Who wouldn’t like to have a few more minutes every day and feel a little more on top of things, too?! So, if you’re hoping to get a little more organized and you’re looking for some new strategies, here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Try bullet journaling.

If you haven’t heard of bullet journaling yet, you should really check it out. It’s kind of a to-do list, journal and goal-setting system all rolled into one. There are some really fancy and stunning examples of “spreads” out there, but bullet journaling can be really practical and simple, too. Consider giving it a try. It could be a fun and creative way to take your organization to the next level, even if you’re already kind of a pro at making lists.

2. Delete a ton of junk from your computer.

These days, it’s possible to waste time looking for more than just your car keys or a particular client file. You can waste a lot of time looking for things virtually, too. Organizing the documents and folders on your desktop now could save you a lot of time down the road. Be sure to delete a lot of junk that you’re not using while you’re at it. Get rid of outdated documents, apps you don’t use and old downloads. Also, consider taking a pass at your phone and other devices, once your computer is settled.

3. Spend just a few minutes on your desk.

The way you keep your desk says a lot about you. You might not be sending the right message if things are too messy. So, spend just a few minutes organizing your desk — especially the top of your desk. Use files and piles to separate tasks. And get rid of everything you no longer need. Even just taking a few minutes to go through a drawer and ridding it of things you don’t need is useful. Where your desk is concerned, spending a little time now saves a lot of time later.

4. Don’t be too afraid to throw things away.

Clutter is the enemy of organization. If you want to get things in order, you have to get control over the piles and the paperwork. You might worry about throwing things away, fearing you’ll need them again and that you won’t be able to access them. Don’t hold onto those fears, or those old files, too tightly. Chances are you aren’t going to need something that you haven’t used for years.

5. Do it for future you.

At the end of the day, getting organized and staying that way is really about one thing — preparing for the future. Yes, it takes a little time and a little effort, but shifting your mindset toward this direction could make a big difference.

For example, you’re probably super tired at the end of a long work day and anxious to go home. But, taking an extra five minutes to put everything away properly before heading out sets you up for a smoother start tomorrow. It’s about getting today’s you to take good care of tomorrow’s you. Plan ahead, and set your future self up for success.

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