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Rainy-Day Interview Attire: How to Make a Good Impression in Bad Weather

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rainy-day interview attire
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It’s the night before your interview. You’re feeling prepared and have already completed the things on your handy interview checklist. Except for one thing — the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain.

The rainy season has started here in Seattle, so we’re used to this scenario. You might be thinking something along these lines:

I need to change my entire outfit. What in the world do I wear to my interview now?  

Don’t worry! We have gathered some great rainy-day interview attire tips so that you can stay focused on your interview and kick some butt in style.

1. Waterproof trench coats

For both men and women, trench coats and pea coats are a great fashionable option. These coats are usually longer to keep more of your outfit dry. Be sure to ask for or look for a place to hang your coat when you get to the interview location.


2. Wear darker colors

The last thing you want is to arrive at your interview in a white shirt or blouse that has now become see-through because of the rain. Wearing darker neutral colors like black and navy can help avoid this disaster. With the help of your waterproof coat, hopefully your shirt will be safe anyway.


3. Wear cropped business pants

There are cropped business pant options for both men and women. These are amazing to wear in the rain because you won’t have to worry about them dragging on the floor and getting wet. They can also look great with a pair of heels.

4. Umbrella

Keep an umbrella in your bag for any unexpected rain showers. It can be a huge help when you’re trying to avoid arriving at the interview dripping wet. An umbrella can help keep you drier than a waterproof jacket alone.


5. Pack your business shoes

Wear your rain boots or other waterproof shoes on the commute to the interview location, but bring your business shoes with you. You can even tuck your pants into your rain boots so that they stay dry. Right before you get to the location, change into your shoes and put your rain boots in a bag. Your pants and your shoes will be dry and fresh for the interview.


Keep these tips in mind for rainy days and always make sure that you do your own research on what appropriate business attire looks like at that company. You can still stay professional and fashionable on those rainy days.

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