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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Employers Who Ask for Pay Stubs During Salary Negotiation

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Job interviews can be demoralizing, even when things are going well. Why? Because you can only control half of the process, at most -- the part relating to your own behavior. Things can get especially dicey during the salary negotiation phase. You can’t make a prospective employer develop a compensation plan that makes sense or conduct a salary negotiation that's productive for both parties.

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In this week’s roundup, we look at one outdated hiring practice that really needs to go away — plus, some solid side hustles for introverted types, and the right way to ask for time off.

Alison Green at Ask a Manager: Employer Asked for Pay Stubs During Salary Negotiation

A reader writes in to ask:

Is it normal for a job to ask for your pay stub during salary negotiations? My sister was negotiating with a company, and did not want to take a pay cut. The recruiter asked for her pay stub, and got angry when my sister questioned her about it. She ultimately ended up declining the offer because it was too low for her experience and education. Something about this seems weird, but I’m not a recruiter, so I wanted to ask you.

Green’s reply will be reassuring to anyone who’s ever had this happen to them during a job interview. (And if you want to know how to avoid talking about your salary history, period, this is a good place to start.)

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Brit + Co at Levo League: 12 Side Hustles That Are Made for Introverts

Side-hustle advice often seems geared toward natural salespeople — the kind of obvious entrepreneurs that you can picture building a million-dollar business out of a kitchen-table hobby. But not every side gig requires a gregarious, outgoing personality.

According to Brit + Co:

There’s never been a better time to pursue a side hustle. But even if all the signs to start your hustle are there, being an introvert comes with a tricky set of anxieties that can make starting your own business seem frustratingly out of reach. Luckily, while some side hustles require you to become an outgoing saleswoman or outlandish brand ambassador, not all of them require you to show up with a Type A personality in tow.

For examples, see the full post.

Michele Herrmann at The Muse: The Right Way to Ask Your Boss for Time Off

Americans don’t take enough vacation — even when they have paid time off to burn. One problem is that our culture puts a premium on busy-ness, often to the point of encouraging overwork. But just because we’re used to working too hard, doesn’t mean that we can get by without a break.

“We all need vacation—whether it’s a girlfriend getaway, a cousin’s out-of-town wedding, or a personal retreat,” writes Herrmann. “And the truth is, you can take time off without looking like you’re slacking.”

The key is to ask in the right way, Hermann says. These tips will help.

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