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4 Entry-Level, Work-From-Home Jobs

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Working from home comes with a great many benefits. But, it has its drawbacks too. Despite the challenges, a lot of people think they’d like to give it a try. Eighty to 90 percent of U.S. workers say they’d like to work from home at least part-time, according to research from Global Workplace Analytics.

These days, there are remote opportunities for so many different workers, including those who are just starting their careers.

1. Transcriptionist (Median hourly earnings for Freelance Medical Transcriptionist – $17.38)

There are many opportunities to work remotely as a transcriptionist. Workers qualify for these jobs after taking a transcription test. Folks who do this kind of work are good spellers, strong typists and have solid knowledge of English grammar.

2. Web Designer (Median annual earnings – $48,652)

There are remote positions available for entry-level web designers. These folks often work on a contract-basis for a variety of clients. If you want to succeed in this job, commit to updating your skills regularly. This field changes as fast as technologies evolve — pretty fast, in other words.

3. Tutor (Median hourly earnings – $17.84)

Tutoring is another great opportunity that is available on a work-from-home basis. Students of all ages need tutors to work with them on a variety of content areas and skills. This kind of work is often done on a one-to-one basis and many tutors work with their students online.

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4. Customer Service Specialist/Representative (Median hourly earnings – $13.41)

These days a lot of customer service specialists take their calls from home. They’re on call for organizations during set hours and available to customers on a remote basis. CSRs work with callers to troubleshoot problems, answer questions and resolve service issues.

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