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5 Seasonal Jobs You Can Do Remotely

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Ah, you’re living the dream: working in the summertime, but you get the benefit of picking your office. Instead of being tethered to a dreary desk, pick one of these temporary (i.e., “seasonal”) summer jobs that have the added benefit of being remote. Clack poolside or from the woods…anywhere you can get a WiFi signal. FlexJobs started a list with some possible links to open jobs, so you can start looking quickly. Just don’t forget your sunscreen, and you’ll be sitting pretty while you’re getting some hours in at your temp job.

1. Online Tutor

Tutors come in all sizes. Maybe your regular gig is as a teacher, graduate student, or you’re just really good at a subject and teaching someone about it. Summer is a great time to look for remote jobs doing online tutoring programs for students out of school. They can get ahead or work on a difficult subject, and you can rake in the green from wherever you like. Tutors on average earn $17.28/hour, according to our PayScale Salary Survey.

2. Resume Writer/Editor

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Writing or editing services are hard to come by in smaller communities, so remote workers can get a leg up, especially if you have a proven track record as a professional or business writer. Brush up your own resume so you can be as expert as possible (no typos!) and seek work as a resume writer or consultant this summer. Trained writing work often pays in the $30/hour range, according to our data.

3. Customer Support Specialist

That’s right, call centers still exist in the 21st Century. They’re often making summertime pushes for catalog clearances, or just need summer help to fill in when people go on vacation. You can sometimes even do this support from your own phone and computer at home. According to our PayScale Salary Survey, representatives earn median pay of $15/hour.

4. Alt Text Writer

You can find remote work making the internet more accessible for those with visual impairments. Just look for gigs where you’re writing “alt text” — that’s the copy behind images that electronic readers provide for those who are blind, or have vision problems. It helps them fill out forms, know what the content is on a page, or even just enjoy some news or fun summer articles. This job earns median pay of $17/hour or so, based on our salary data.

5. Online Moderator

Digital community managers are helpful for cleaning up trolls from message boards and comment fields, but they also can help steer online commentary back on topic. Companies hire these people to be online after major events or news goes live, so they can clean up comments and reactions that might be offensive or just internet robot nonsense. Look for median pay around $17/hour.

For more remote summer jobs, check out FlexJobs’ list.

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