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The 5 Best Social Services Jobs in 2017

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Social services jobs are best suited to those who feel a real passion for the work. However, just because work is rewarding, that doesn’t mean that folks in this industry don’t also want (and deserve) other things too, like good pay and job security.

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Recently, U.S. News & World Report compiled a list of the 25 best social services jobs in 2017. They ranked relevant occupations along seven component measures, scoring factors such as employment rate, median salary, and future job prospects. Let’s take a look at the five social services jobs that came out on top.

1. School Psychologist.

No one said that the top jobs on this list were easy. And, the work of a school psychologist certainly is neither dull nor simple. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the profession to grow by 20 percent between 2014 and 2024. And, that means great job security for these important workers. Also, these professionals enjoy a fairly competitive annual salary for the industry (more than $58,000 median, according to PayScale data) and an unemployment rate of just 1.2 percent.

2. Marriage and Family Therapist.

Marriage and family counselors earn a median salary of $50,402, according to PayScale data. And, according to the findings of this report, they also enjoy excellent employment opportunities. The unemployment rate in this profession is just 0.6 percent. By 2024 the profession is expected to expand by 15 percent.

3. Lawyer.

Lawyers certainly earn the highest median salary of any occupation on the list, but that isn’t the only reason these professionals came in third. They also enjoy good job security and the industry is expected to grow by 6 percent in the decade between 2014 and 2024. However, the hours are less than flexible and the job often comes with a relatively high degree of stress. As with any profession, working as a lawyer comes with its trade-offs.

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4. Clinical Social Worker.

Clinical social workers are vital members of the healthcare community and social services industry, and they work very hard. The BLS expects a 19 percent employment increase by 2024, mostly because of the care that the aging baby boomer generation will require. They anticipate 30,900 new jobs will be created by then.

5. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor.

These highly trained and skilled professionals are just as essential as the others mentioned on this list. Jobs in the social services industry are nothing if not important. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors are certainly busy in today’s world. And, that’s expected to continue. The field is slated to grow by 22 percent by 2024.

For more information, and to see the other jobs in the top 25, check out the Best Social Services Jobs from U.S. News & World Report.

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