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#RestingBizFace of the Month: Simone Biles

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Simone Biles is a 20-year-old gymnast, four-time Olympic gold medal winner and recent competitor on NBC’s Dancing With The Stars. She’s a badass whose gymnastics skills lit up the Rio Olympics. And now, she’s PayScale’s #RestingBizFace of the month.

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It all started last week when Biles was receiving feedback from the judges after a dance routine on the popular show. Soon after, show host Tom Bergeron decided to pipe in, saying that Biles wasn’t smiling at the critiques during the judgment round. Biles’ response?

“Smiling doesn’t win gold medals.”

It’s true. Smiling won’t win you a gold medal, ever. And nobody knows that better than Biles herself. Shortly after her response started making its rounds on the internet, her fans on Twitter chimed in to show their support.

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Why #RestingBizFace ?

At PayScale, we are firm believers that women in the workplace aren’t bitchy, they’re busy. Biles’ response to her critics is exactly why we’ve coined this term and encourage other women to use it as a symbol of pride. It’s not your responsibility to smile and make others feel good. Smiles or no smiles, you’re busy changing the world, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Simone, if you’re out there reading this, reach out to me so I can send you your official #RestingBizFace swag!

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