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Live Long and Prosper? If You’re a Science Fiction Fan, the “Prosper” Part Is Likely

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Sci-Fi Money Makers
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According to the responses of 4,308 PayScale customers surveyed between April 14 and April 24, 2017, more American workers would prefer to train at the Jedi Temple than Starfleet Academy.

When asked to choose between Star Wars and Star Trek, 46 percent of respondents said they preferred Star Wars, while only 14 percent preferred Star Trek. Another 14 percent said they were fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek.

Fourteen percent of respondents asked “What’s the difference?” Only 12 percent said, “I hate them both.”

Interestingly, median pay for fans of Star Wars, fans of Star Trek, or fans of both was higher than that of respondents who said they didn’t know the difference or “hate both.”

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Star Trek fans reported the highest median salary, at $53,300, followed by fans of both Star Wars and Star Trek, at $52,600. Star Wars fans came in third, reporting a median salary of $50,700.

Respondents who reported hating both Star Wars and Star Trek had the lowest median salary, at $44,200, while fans who couldn’t tell the difference reported a median salary of $45,700.

What does this tell us? Fans of science fiction make more money. Go figure.

But even though Trekies make the most, we Star Wars fans know Jedis have all the fun.

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