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The 5 Highest Paying Jobs In Healthcare

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high-paying healthcare jobs
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Want a secure job in a growing industry? A healthcare job might be for you. Even during the recession, healthcare continued to add jobs.

Of course, not all healthcare jobs are created equal when it comes to compensation. Generally, the more education a position requires, the more money you can expect to earn doing it. Demand and geography also factor in.

According to a new report from LinkedIn, these are the top jobs in healthcare when it comes to earnings:

1. Orthopedic Surgeon – median salary $355,545

Orthopedic surgeons are paid a generous salary. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering all of the education and training this work requires. As the baby boomer generation ages (and their knees, hips, etc., do too) these professionals are sure to continue to be busy. Pay varies for orthopedic surgeons, and residence tends to be the biggest factor in getting toward the higher end of the spectrum. Experience also factors in.

2. Surgeon – median salary $254,822

General surgeons are the second highest paid professionals in the healthcare industry. Their sizable salaries vary considerably, though. Location is a major factor, as well as years of experience. Job satisfaction for surgeons is generally high. It should be noted that this profession is largely male-dominated – only about one-third are women, according to PayScale’s data. The discrepancy is even worse for the number one ranked job of orthopedic surgeon – only about 17 percent of those who completed PayScale’s salary survey were women.

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3. Cardiologist – median salary $225,656

Geographic location and tenure are the best indicators of salary for cardiologists, but these healthcare professionals take home a great salary across the board. As with the other professions on the list, cardiologists report a high level of job satisfaction.

4. Radiologist – median salary $292,873

Another high-paying job in the healthcare industry is the job of radiologist. These are doctors who also have specific training in analyzing medical images, like X-rays, and making recommendations for initial treatment to care physicians. Hospitals and clinics employ many of these professionals, but others work in specialized radiology and imaging clinics.

5. Anesthesiologist – median salary $269,612

Unlike some of the other jobs on this list, anesthesiologists’ pay doesn’t change dramatically with experience, but it does increase modestly. These workers make good money though, and they tend to keep daytime hours unless they work at a hospital that keeps more extensive hours for surgeries. Like all of the professions on the list, the job of anesthesiologist is very important and it requires a tremendous amount of education and training.

The salaries above come from PayScale’s Salary Survey. To see how your salary measures up to others’ in your field, take get your free salary report today.

Be sure to check out the full report from LinkedIn for more information about the other highest paying jobs in healthcare, finance, and technology.

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