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5 Jobs Perfect for History Majors (That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of)

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When you start thinking about jobs that you might get with your degree, some majors are easier to pair with careers than others. For example, a chemistry major will likely end up in the lab, and a nursing major, well, you get the idea. But a history major … you can do just about anything with that. (Especially if you’re willing to get a master’s degree or undertake on-the-job training after graduation.)

Here are some interesting jobs for history majors that don’t start and end teaching history class:

1. Exhibit Designer

If you’ve never heard of an exhibit designer, you’re missing out. They work for museums sometimes, but also for trade shows and art galleries. Exhibit designers do just that — design exhibits for display. They might design elaborate environments to make a collection of rare items capture attention. They can use design software and assist in the fabrication of exhibit installations with vendors and suppliers. A median salary for an exhibit designer is nearly $48,000 per year.

2. Museum Curator

A curator is a great job for a history major who wants to leave their mark on the world. Curators might be in charge of most of the content displayed in a museum. They will work with the museum facility to decide how to display a collection, and build the collection by forming a rapport with donors to increase collections. They often can be specialized according to the museum (natural history vs. art, etc.). Curators earn a median salary of $48,500 according to our PayScale survey.

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3. Intelligence Analyst

We need people to do the hard research, and this can be done by intelligence analysts every day. They often work for government agencies, but also with agencies or companies that work with the government, sometimes as contractors. They investigate security threats, coordinate and conduct research, and gather and analyze information from a variety of sources. Intelligence analysts earn a median salary of $64,800 according to our salary survey.

4. Lobbyist/Political Scientist

Other government work can be done as a lobbyist, and a history degree is great for sorting out trends and the way history could be changing. They work with clients to build relationships with members of the legislature in order to pass legislation. A lobbyist earns a median salary of $53,800 according to our PayScale salary survey, with a top end salary of $100,000.

5. Foreign Service Officer

Join the foreign service and see the world! History majors are among the many qualified degree holders who can join the foreign service. It has a lengthy application process, often taking over a year to complete, but the rewards are many. Posts are of a diplomatic type for the State Department, so you must have a good working knowledge of international relations and political science to succeed. You might work to establish policies as well as defend existing policies to other government agencies. A foreign service officer earns a median salary of $83,000.

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