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Should You Work for a Company That Cares?

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This year’s People Magazine’s list of Companies That Care includes 50 companies with top ratings from the research firm A Great Place to Work. These companies all have 1,000 or more employees and range from the retail industry to oil and gas.

While they’re all very different, they each have proved their success while offering their employees amazing perks — and I don’t mean foosball tables. These are companies that are investing in the future of their workforce by supporting their work and home lives in ways that might surprise you.

Here are just some of the top 10…

#10 NuStar

NuStar is based in San Antonio, with locations all around the Gulf Coast. This makes perfect sense, since they’re an independent liquids terminal and pipeline operator — one of the largest in the country. This means they move a lot of oil through pipelines and storage facilities in Canada, Mexico, and even the Netherlands and the U.K. With an international presence, and a high-profile commodity like oil, it’s important that they keep their workforce happy and healthy. They offer a program that encourages new ideas (with cash rewards if they’re used), supports workers with robust healthcare coverage and free fitness centers, and tenured service awards as employees rack up the years. They also encourage employees to nominate their peers for “Star Performer” awards and recognition. They support those down on their luck through SAFE Fund Grants, which don’t have to be repaid, and help those in need of a financial boost like employees with sick parents or even legal troubles. Check out more of their perks including work-life balance programs and sick days, vacation, and sabbatical time off.

NuStar notes that their average salary and additional compensation for a Senior Terminal Operator is $105,620. Submit your own information to PayScale’s Salary Survey to determine how this compensation stacks up to the competition.

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#6 Wegmans Food Markets

This East Coast chain of supermarkets has 94 percent of its employees raving about their employer. Wegmans sets up careers by investing in their employees’ education and well-being. They invest more than $50 million every year for employee training and development which includes “department universities, online training, workshops, Dale Carnegie, on-the-job experiences, food rallies, cooking technique certifications, merchandising shows, traveling to supplier partners, and talent development programs like internships, management trainee and leadership development programs.” They set up different ways to listen to employees including Open Door Days, Huddles, Focus Groups, and a two-way Q&A blog with their SVP of Operations. They offer millions in scholarships to employees and their children, and store discounts (including a free birthday cake!).

Wegmans notes that their average salary and additional cash compensation for a Store Department Manager is $65,272. PayScale’s Salary Survey lists a produce department manager’s median annual salary at $43,752, making Wegman’s offer significant in the 90th percentile. You can get your personalized salary report too.

#1 Salesforce

Topping the list of 50 is Salesforce, which offers its more than 22,000 worldwide employees (14,000 in the U.S.) its own special management practice called V2MOM. It stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Metrics and allows for a transparent process of setting goals from the top down, which helps everyone stay accountable. They give employees seven paid days of to volunteer, and even boost their giving back through They host town halls to talk to employees and sponsor a no-holds-barred feedback mechanism called a Chatter group Airing of Grievances. They also have a generous 401(k) match (up to 6 percent of an employee’s salary) and offer 28 days of vacation time and 24 days of paid sick days.

Salesforce notes their average salary and cash compensation for a Mid-Market Account Executive is $156,300. PayScale data show that the median salary for an account executive is $50,294, putting Salesforce’s compensation at nearly three times the typical pay!

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