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Dream Job Alert: Be Kate Middleton’s Private Secretary

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Kate Middleton, a.k.a. The Duchess of Cambridge, is in the market for a new private secretary. Could you be her right-hand woman (or, one assumes, man)?

Kate and William
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The Daily Mail reports that Rebecca Deacon, Kate Middleton’s private secretary since 2012, will soon be stepping down. Deacon has worked for the Royal Family for 10 years, initially for Prince Harry’s organization, Sentebale, which supports children in Lesotho and Botswana.

Why would anyone leave this dream job? Well, Deacon is set to marry this summer, which several outlets mentioned in possible connection with her decision. If that strikes you as a little old-fashioned, don’t pull your application just yet — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge issued a statement that specifically mentions the next phase of Deacon’s career (as well as offering the usual thanks for her service).

“Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and support Rebecca has provided over the past ten years, and wish her well in the next phase of her career,” the statement said, in part.

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In any case, the Duke and Duchess plan to attend Deacon’s wedding. So, there’s another reason to pine for the job – bragging rights for the world’s most famous wedding guests.

What Does a Private Secretary Do, Anyway?

Being Kate Middleton’s private secretary isn’t all photo ops and world travel, however. The gig involves scheduling engagements, organizing programs and making sure the Duchess is briefed on the people she’ll be talking with, per The Daily Mail.

It also might not be the world’s easiest job to land. A quick scan of the Royal Household’s “Current Vacancies” page — yes, there is such a thing — shows opportunities for curators, business managers, and cleaners, but no right-hand woman to the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s likely that a prestigious role like this one will be filled the old-fashioned way: with networking.

So, if nothing else, there’s something you have in common with the person who eventually gets this job: you know that the best job opportunities come from your network. What you know is important, but when it comes to getting hired, it’s all about who you know.

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