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PayScale Valentines: All the Love, No Awkward Conversations With HR

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Your love is priceless, but just about everything else in this world comes with a dollar sign attached. If that feels unromantic, look at it this way: a couple extra thousand per year could buy a lot of roses and candy.

That’s why we’d argue that PayScale’s Valentines are actually the sweetest ones you could send. What better way to tell your beloved that you value them, than to remind them to ask for what they deserve?

When Your Relationship Gets Taken To Level HR.

For That Special Someone Who Needs A Reminder.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

It Takes Someone Special To Take Your Eyes Off The Front Page.

For Someone Special Who Needs A Little Encouragement.

For All The Women Fighting For Equal Pay.

When Your Love For Your Valentine Surpasses Your Love For Fridays.

And Finally, For That Special Purple Squirrel In Your Life.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day By Knowing Your True Value!

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Jen Hubley Luckwaldt
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