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Hate Wearing Uniforms? Avoid These 10 Jobs

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The pros and cons of wearing a uniform to work can vary from person to person. If you consider yourself a creative type, being forced to wear a uniform every day might eventually take a toll on how happy you are at your job, especially if there’s no room for self-expression. On the other hand, knowing exactly what you’re going to wear to work day in and day out can be something of a perk; you don’t have to fuss over picking out an outfit!

But if wearing a uniform to work sounds like your worst nightmare, your best bet is to avoid the below professions. According to PayScale’s new report on dress codes at work, these jobs will almost always require a uniform.

Security Guard

median pay: $25,000 per year

Diesel Mechanic

Median pay: $43,000 per year

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Automotive Service Technician

Median pay: $38,000 per year

Heating and AC Mechanic

Median pay: $41,600 per year

Sterile Processing Technician

Median pay: $30,900 per year

HVAC Service Technician

median pay: $45,600 per year

Surgical Technologist

Median pay: $41,700 per yer

Maid or House Cleaner

Median pay: $21,200 per year

Delivery Driver

Median pay: $32,500 per year

Maintenance Mechanic

Median pay: $45,400 per year

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