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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Why Your Employer Should Let You Bring Your Dog to Work

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Miss your pooch while you’re working to bring home the bacon-flavored dog treats? Maybe the boss should let you take your dog to work. A number of companies are now encouraging employees to have their pups at the office, at least occasionally — and the morale and work-life balance benefits are huge.

bring your dog to work
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This week’s roundup looks at why dogs should be welcome at work. Plus, we link to advice for new telecommuters on how to work at home, and some tips on what not to do at your next job interview.

Meghan M. Biro at TalentCulture: The Benefits of Allowing Pets in the Workplace

“When employees bring their pets to work, it enables a better work-life balance—something that’s a key selling point to attract top talent in today’s market,” writes Biro. “It’s also been shown that this low-cost benefit can improve work performance, boost employee happiness, and aid in the long-term retention of star employees.”

Need to convince your HR director to add dogs in the office to your perks? Here are your talking points.

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Paul Jun at 99u: How to Work Alone

“Working alone is about creating the space where intense concentration becomes easily accessible,” writes Jun. “When finally alone, it’s easy to allow a wave of self-doubt and insecurities to begin to flood your mind. Sitting in solitude for even five minutes makes you get up to grab a snack. Or to check Twitter. And perhaps the most challenging of all, you don’t know when to call it a day; the constant polish and re-polishing when your energy is low masquerades as productivity — or so it goes if you’re not prepared.”

To help you get prepared, Jun identifies four essential skills for anyone who wants to work alone successfully.

Hannah Morgan at Career Sherpa: 5 Types of Interviewees You Don’t Want To Be

Rambling Ralph. Detailed Diana. Nervous Neil. Oblivious Octavia. Sam The Salesman. All good candidates for a career-themed reboot of the Mr. Men/Little Miss cartoons. All bad candidates for any job opening. Here’s how to keep from turning into a caricature of yourself at your next job interview.

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