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Some Services Let Job Seekers Borrow Ties, Interview Outfits … Even Cars

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If you’re out of a job, or maybe in transition and underemployed, you’re pinching pennies. The problem is that interviewing can be expensive. You have to look the part, which sometimes means buying new clothes, and getting to interviews isn’t cheap either. Depending on where you live, however, there might be a free service to help you with some of these expenses. (While not every service is available everywhere, you can explore what’s near your location, or start your own!)


A Tie for Interviews

A cool lending service has launched at libraries in Queens, NY and Philadelphia, PA lends out neckties for job interviews. For those who may not know (and I didn’t, until recently), neckties are often crazy expensive, making them a near luxury for job seekers who want to look nice on an interview.

Sure, you can get a cheap tie at a thrift store, but often they can be shabby, or woefully out of style. But services like the Tiebrary — yes, really! — loan out ties for those in need, adding an air of professionalism that can make all the difference in the end. Some even come with tie-tying instructions and interview tips. And since networking is the best way to get a job, Tiebrary services might fulfill another function: building job seekers’ circle of acquaintance and maybe opening the door for additional help.

An Outfit, and More, for Women Job Seekers

Organizations like Dress for Success are cool nonprofits that aim to give women a leg up on new jobs. They offer not only a contemporary business outfit or two, but also things we don’t often consider, like makeup, underwear, and even winter coats and boots. If you’re a lady, and have one of these near you, you can even donate your business clothing to them and help out another sister in need. Pretty cool!

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An Hourly Services Exchange for Resume Help

While you can go to libraries in your town for help looking for a job (many, if not most, have job centers and some even offer training and computer help), you can also use skill-share services like Portland’s Hour Exchange for a free bit of help making your resume look awesome, or a cover letter that really pops. You can also contribute to shares like this to help keep yourself active while you’re looking for work. Plus: networking possibilities abound!

A Car for Interviews (Before You Commit to a Car Purchase)

No monthly or yearly memberships here, just car-sharing for the masses. If you need a ride to get to an interview, and you don’t have a car or a ride from a friend, then try a car-sharing service to get you there. It’s not free, but it is way cheaper than renting a car through a traditional car rental place. The Bay Area offers Getaround, a service that offers hourly cars to borrow for short or long trips.

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