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The 5 Best Jobs in America

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What does it mean to have a “good job”? Most would agree that it’s a combination of satisfying work, opportunity for advancement — and perhaps most importantly, decent pay.

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Recently, CNN Money and PayScale teamed up to identify the top 100 jobs that meet those criteria. If you’re looking to change careers and want to pick an occupation that offers job satisfaction, low stress, and rising pay — among other factors — one of these jobs might be for you:

  1. Mobile Application Developer

Median Annual Pay: $97,100

Projected 10-Year Job Growth: 19 percent

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Why You Want This Job: Top pay in this occupation reaches well into six-figures, plus it’s a low-stress, high-satisfaction job that often allows for telecommuting. If you love technology, this might be the perfect choice for you.

  1. Risk Management Director

Median Annual Pay: $131,000

Projected 10-Year Job Growth: 7 percent

Why You Want This Job: Risk management directors help companies prepare for and clean up after all manner of disasters, from security breaches to hurricanes. So, it’s not exactly a low-stress job. On the other hand, if you want your job to matter, you couldn’t ask for a better line of work. Personal satisfaction scores are high in this field.

  1. Landman

Median Annual Pay: $93,600

Projected 10-Year Job Growth: 7 percent

Why You Want This Job: Landmen negotiate mineral rights, acting as go-betweens for energy companies and land owners. According to CNN Money, “There’s a feeling of patriotism among landmen, who consider themselves on the frontline as America moves toward energy independence.”

  1. Product Analyst

Median Annual Pay: $74,900

Projected 10-Year Job Growth: 19 percent

Why You Want This Job: The products that make our lives better — or at least more fun — have one thing in common: a product analyst helped make them what they are today. This low-stress job offers high job satisfaction.

  1. Information Assurance Analyst

Median Annual Pay: $98,900

Projected 10-Year Job Growth: 18 percent

Why You Want This Job: Data breaches seriously impact companies and consumers, and information assurance analysts are the ones who prevent them or respond in the aftermath. CNN Money calls them “data superheroes” and that’s accurate. While you won’t get to wear a cape in this job, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your job really makes a difference.

Want more? See the top 100 jobs on CNN Money/PayScale’s list.

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unfortunately in US too many companies are shrinking or closing , as so new ones emerged as IT or Financial markets, when I presented my case to my managers in IBM after 7 year , i have a Retention bonus for usd 200 for 2 years and another one in 2011 ad 2013 luckily. The annual increse was 10 % in some cases and in other was only 2%, with annual inflation between 20% and 30% in Argentina . In… Read more »

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