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The Most Fulfilled Workers Live in These 5 Cities

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Today’s workers (especially younger ones) are increasingly concerned with more than just salary. When it comes to selecting the job that’s right for them, millennials value feeling inspired, connected, and challenged. In short, they want to feel fulfilled by what they do. But, young workers aren’t the only ones to value professional fulfillment. These days most of us realize that there’s more to life, and work, than just a paycheck.

Charlotte, North Carolina. skiserge1/Getty Images

This past summer, Censuswide (on behalf of LinkedIn) surveyed more than 1,000 professionals in the U.S. about their level of job satisfaction and the factors that contribute to it. The report reveals the top five cities where workers said they felt the most fulfilled.

  1. Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte, North Carolina is the top city in the U.S., according to this report, when it comes to worker fulfillment. It’s the largest city by far in the state, and the population there has grown significantly in recent years despite the fact that it’s fallen throughout much of the rest of North Carolina. Perhaps residents have moved to the city for the jobs; although, the unemployment rate in Charlotte is just about on par with the national average.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston, Massachusetts came in second on this list of cities where workers feel the most fulfilled. This city stands out among others for a few reasons, but their institutions of higher learning are likely the most notable among them. Boston boasts 81 colleges and universities within a 25-mile radius of the city. More education means more options, and more options allows workers to pursue their passions as well as jobs that truly fulfill them.

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  1. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indianapolis, Indiana was the only city in the Midwest to make this list. It has seen extensive job growth in recent years, and almost 90 national companies are headquartered in the area. This state capital also has an unemployment rate below the national average.

  1. New York, New York.

New York City routinely places toward the top (if not at the top) of lists of cities with the highest cost of living. Still, workers here love their jobs. New York City is full of opportunity, in part because it’s one of the largest cities in the country with a population of over 8 million.

  1. Denver, Colorado.

Workers in Denver, Colorado reported high levels of job satisfaction. Denver has had something of a population boom in recent years, and that trend seems to be continuing. Hopefully the job market will continue to grow along with it in the years to come.

It’s worth noting that worker fulfillment is a tough thing to gauge. When someone reports feeling satisfied with their job, that says as much about their own expectations and general level of contentment as it does about the work itself. For this reason, it might be most accurate to consider these cities as places where workers report a high level of satisfaction.

Be sure to check out the full report, The Most Fulfilling Jobs and Places to Work in the U.S., for more information.

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