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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: 45 Interview Questions That Will Lose You the Job

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It’s almost a job-searching cliché at this point, the reminder that you’re not just trying to get the job, you’re also trying to figure out if the job is right for you. If you’ve been through the process before, you probably know to prepare a list of questions for the hiring manager, in order to figure out if you want to continue pursuing the opportunity.

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What you might not know is that asking the wrong questions can knock your application right into the circular file. In this week’s roundup, we look at the job interview questions you absolutely shouldn’t ask, plus a few tips for getting past the Applicant Tracking System, and ice breakers so easy, you’ll never dread a networking event again.

Susan P. Joyce at 45 Questions You Should NOT Ask in a Job Interview

“Asking these questions — or asking them too early — in the interview process may indicate lack of interest, preparation, or intelligence,” Joyce writes. “They may indicate potential problems that might disqualify you as a candidate, like lack of honesty or lack of integrity.”

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Which questions should you cross off your list? “How soon can I get a raise?” is a good one to scratch off, as is “How much vacation time do I get?” Find out what else to nix, here.

Jame Hu at Punched Clocks: 8 Expert Tips for Getting Past Resume Screeners

“As a job seeker, you’ve likely heard of resume screeners, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), before,” writes Hu. “And if you do your research, it’s pretty easy to learn the basics. They have multiple uses for companies, but most commonly, they are used by hiring managers and recruiters to filter large amounts of job applicants. So it’s important you know how to ‘beat’ them to get your resume through to the hiring manager.”

Hu’s tips include ditching the objective statement, concentrating on resume keywords — and making sure your resume reads like it’s written to be read by a human.

Lolly Daskal at Inc: Perfect Icebreakers: 8 Smart Phrases That Will Make You Better at Networking

Hate networking? Maybe you just don’t know what to say. The good news is that getting un-tongue-tied is pretty simple. Sometimes, it’s as easy as getting back to basics. For example, Daskal’s first ice breaker suggestion is the every-popular, “Hi, my name is….”

“Start with the basics,” she advises. “Put out your hand, flash a genuine smile, make eye contact, and introduce yourself. From there the person you’re talking with will almost certainly share their name, and you’re already off to a good start.”

Find seven other easy ice breakers that will make your next networking event feel like a snap, at this piece.

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