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Clinton vs. Trump (Part 4): The Division in Support by U.S. Metro


In the first parts of our four-part series, we looked at support for Clinton and Trump by gender and income, degree level, and age and gender. Now, we examine how geographic location affects PayScale users’ choices in the voting booth.

Part 4: Division in Candidate Support by U.S. Metro

Key Point: I wouldn’t recommend wearing a Trump hat in San Francisco.

Can you guess the metros with the biggest division in candidate support? San Francisco comes in at #1 biggest division with 92 percent of respondents who specified they plan to vote either Clinton or Trump voting Clinton. Seattle (home of PayScale HQ) comes in at #2 with 86 percent responding they plan to vote Clinton.

A graph showing the division in candidate support by U.S. metro.

This is a four-part series. See candidate support by (1) gender and income, (2) educational level, (3) gender and age, and (4) U.S. metro.

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Featured Image: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

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