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PayScale’s VIP Blog Roundup: Job Interview Advice From a Facebooker

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Who do you turn to, for career advice? Besides your own mentors and confidantes, the best person to ask for insight is someone who’s built a career you admire. That’s just common sense: if you want to be an entrepreneur, you talk to successful business-people; if you want to make it to the top of a Fortune-500 company, you seek advice from execs who’ve made the climb.

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If your goal is to score a gig at Facebook or Google or one of the other big tech firms, you’ll want to talk to someone who’s had interviews (and offers) from these companies. In this week’s roundup, we look at advice from a Facebooker who’s interviewed at Google and other top employers; plus, advice on how to beat the applicant tracking system and get your resume in front of a human, and a few tips on how to boost your career, the easy way.

James Hu at TheSavvyIntern: Job Interview and Career Advice from a Facebooker

Want job offers from Facebook and Google? First, you have to know how to get their attention, and then you have to ace the interview. Hu spoke with an anonymous software developer at Facebook to get his insight into how to get a job at a top tech company. His advice included:

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“Be a good interviewee. In fact, interview a lot. For example, at one of my interviews, I was asked to solve a question I had already solved for a previous interview two days before. There is some reuse in this industry, and the questions are technical and about solving.”

For more, see the full post.

Sia, Online Resume Builders, at CareerCloud: Beat the Applicant Tracking System and Land the Job You Want

Applicant tracking systems make it easier for hiring managers to sort through resumes and screen candidates, but they can make it harder on job seekers. You can be the most qualified applicant in the world, but if you don’t have the right resume keywords, your CV won’t make it to a person.

This post offers a good overview of how applicant tracking systems work and what you can do to get through the screening process … and still offer a resume that’s of interest to a real human being on the other end.

Christie Mims at The Muse: 4 Incredibly Simple Ways to Boost Your Career This Fall (That Anyone Can Take On)

“Are you sitting at your desk, whiling away the time ’til happy hour? Are you recovering from the summer (while you simultaneously daydream about the upcoming long weekend?),” Mims asks. “Either way, my guess is that you probably aren’t thinking that hard about your career. But, did you know that there are some stupidly simple things you can do this fall to help your career, like right now, before it’s time to go to that happy hour?”

Most of her tips take less than five minutes and could help make this fall a turning point for your career.

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