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The Payly Show: Helping Frustrated Baristas Get Out Of Perkatory

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At PayScale, we fancy ourselves as being some of the biggest data geeks around. And when we’re not crunching numbers, or providing you with the latest career advice, we like to entertain. Which is where our fun side comes out … a fun side that likes to crack jokes, be informative, poke fun at the latest workplace trends, and ultimately, create videos that make your workday just a little bit better. Watch the first episode below.

Episode one of The Payly Show features our very own compensation professionals, Krystal Praast and Lauren Heino, who walk you through the latest career news and workplace issues. We also have our reporter in the field, Matthew Tullis, who doubles as a PayScale account development representative during the day. And last but not least, we have Seattle comedian Bridget Quigg, temporarily working as an underemployed barista at Perkatory, literally just realizing what networking is.


Do You Know What You're Worth?

Lauren: Hi, I’m Lauren Heino.

Krystal: And, I’m Krystal Praast. Thanks for tuning in. Here are this month’s top news stories.

Lauren: A new report says that Millennials are America’s largest living and working generation. Speaking of which, Krystal, this is for you [hands Krystal a trophy] for working a full 40-hour workweek. And, on that note, break time—I’m going to go get some coffee.

Krystal: Thanks.

Krystal: In addition, a report by PayScale says that 46 percent of these Millennials are actually underemployed. To learn more about this epidemic, check out our recent article on

Krystal: Do you feel like you’re trapped in a dark gloomy basement of a career? Our correspondent Matthew Tullis is live in the field with more.

Matthew: Yes, Krystal. I’m here in the dark and gloomy basement all alone—per your request.

Krystal: Matthew, are you literally locked in a basement somewhere? I’m hearing from the producer that the assignment was to find an employee who was a locked in a career that was dark and gloomy, and perhaps, help them find a way out.

Matthew: You know, I don’t … I’ve got bits and pieces for this assignment. I didn’t recall seeing anything about an interview. I was just told to get into the van and that my job was at stake. I went along and followed suit.

Krystal: Anyone know where Lauren went? She’s been gone for too long.

Bridget: Hey! Welcome to Perkatory.

Lauren: Hey, what do you recommend here?

Bridget: Um, don’t major in communications, get a master’s in creative writing and expect not to work in Perkatory.

Lauren: I meant, to drink.

Bridget: Oh sorry, right—macchiato. I make amazing foam. I have this technique where I get really tiny bubbles.

Lauren: Wait, don’t I know you from somewhere?

Bridget: Um. Oh, I just had some poetry published in Super Slam magazine. Maybe from that?

Lauren: No, I don’t think that is it. I think we actually went to college together. I think you were in all of my classes.

Bridget: That’s right—how are you?

Lauren: I’m really good. I actually work upstairs now.

Bridget: Wait, wait, wait, do you have, like, a REAL job?

Lauren: Yeah, I mean it’s a 9-to-5. I’m at the bottom of the food chain, but things are good.

Bridget: I’ve had the hardest time finding that.

Lauren: Really? Didn’t you graduate with honors?

Bridget: Yes, I did, but just to get into marketing … I mean, I’d be so good at it. You know those ads on TV of, like, monkeys talking and driving rental cars or just whatever. I see those and I’m just thinking, “I could do so much better than that.”

Lauren: You totally could—what’s your email address?

Bridget: Oh! I just got this. It’s H-A-W-T, hawwwt.

Lauren: Got it. OK.

Bridget: I just have to ask a question: are we networking right now? It feels like we are.

Lauren: I think we are.

Bridget: Lauren, this macchiato is on me.

Lauren: I’ll be in touch.

Bridget: OK, bye!

Krystal: Thanks for taking time out of playing Pokémon Go to join us today. Tune in next time to The Payly Show.

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