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The 3 Worst Jobs to Have at the Rio Olympics Right Now

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The Olympics are a time when the greatest athletes from across our planet come together and compete against each other in the name of sportsmanship and glory. But, unless your current occupation is Olympic athlete, it’s not all fun and games in Rio. There are some job titles that are really having a rough time at this year’s Olympic games. Let’s take a look at what has been going on in Rio.

This Very Bored Lifeguard

Despite the fact that the Rio is currently home to the best swimmers on our planet, a Brazilian law “requires lifeguards patrolling any pool larger than 20 feet by 20 feet,” according to Business Insider. With that said, it seems rather silly to have lifeguards watching over Olympic swimmers. However, the lifeguards make for some incredibly funny photos as they watch in boredom while Olympic swimmers pass by.

That Guy Who Had One Job (and Lost the Keys to the Stadium)

With the Olympics already off to a rocky start, officials don’t have much room for error. Despite this, someone apparently lost the key used to enter and exit the main Olympic arena in Rio. Props to the local firemen who were there to literally pry open the gates so spectators could get to their seats.

The Paramedics Who Dropped That Injured Gymnast

When the French gymnast, Samir Ait Said, broke his leg during the men’s gymnastics qualifying round in Rio, the last thing he expected was insult on top of injury. Which is exactly what happened when Rio paramedics loaded the injured gymnast onto the stretcher, just before accidentally dropping him and the stretcher to the ground. Needless to say, it’s been a rough week in Rio.

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