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4 Tips for Successful Video Job Interviews

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Video job interviews are becoming increasingly common in today’s market. Whether you’re job-hunting from across the country before making a move, or it’s a question of logistics while the interviewer takes a business trip, be prepared for the possibility in order to increase your chances of an offer.

Most importantly, keep in mind that video job interviews are slightly different from those conducted in-person or on the phone. Here are four tips for creating a great impression and upping the chances of a second interview or job offer.

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Dress to Impress

You may not be meeting in-person, but it’s still very important to create a professional impression. Wear exactly what you would to a regular interview. Even if you’re at home, putting on shoes to finish the outfit will make you feel more prepared and “in the zone.” Set up the camera in plenty of time, so you can check your appearance before the interview actually starts.

Have Resources at Hand

Make sure you have a copy of your resume and any other relevant documents printed out. The interview is likely to ask questions about your work experience and employment history, so look over your information and remind yourself of what you want a hiring manager to know.

Keep the Location Tidy

Choose your environment for the interview carefully. While it’s possible you’ll be invited to the company’s office to video interview with someone at another location, you might be simply at home. Choose a room that’s clean and tidy, positioning the computer somewhere with a background that’s relatively plain and not too distracting. If there are other people around, ask them to not disturb you during the time scheduled. You don’t want anything to disrupt the flow of your discussion.

Smile! You’re on Camera

It’s just as important to keep body language in mind when you’re interviewing over video as it is when you’re doing so in person. Smile throughout the conversation, and keep your speech clear and regularly paced. Sometimes videos will have a delay, so try not to talk too fast. Rather than casting your eyes down to your hands or lap, look into the camera so that it’s obvious that you are engaged in the discussion.

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