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The 5 Most Michael Scott Things Your Boss Has Ever Said (Or Done)

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Although The Office has officially been off the air for a few years now, that doesn’t mean that our lives are entirely devoid of Michael Scott, the salesman-turned-boss of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. According to Reddit, there are a lot of people out there who work for bosses who could easily be mistaken for Michael Scott. See for yourself what Redditors say is the most Michael Scott thing their boss has ever said or done to them at work. Do any of these sound like your own boss?

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Secret Flash Mob Invitation

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I work at a fortune 500 company. In the middle of an important meeting which was based around my boss, she leans over to me and whispers “I’m organizing a flash mob for later this year. I want you to be a part of it.”


Severed Head Prank

He put a fake severed head in my bottom desk drawer and watched me from the corner of the room to see if it scared me. I just looked up (in a very Jim way) and blinked a few times and then closed the drawer. The look on his face was pure defeat. He was actually upset it didn’t scare me, like that’s all he thought about the night before and I completely ruined his day.


The Company Smile Box

To boost morale, he put out a “Smile Box.” It was a cardboard box filled with 100 $1 bills. People were allowed to take a dollar, but they had to stand there and smile for 60 seconds. He believed this would make people happier. The box was empty in a matter of hours. Everyone was still miserable. The box disappeared the next day.


Rap Video Rewards

My old boss said if we made a sales goal she would record a rap video specific to us as a prize.


Picking the Company Health Insurance

Trying to pick the company health insurance policy so he “polls the leadership team for input” at an executive all-hands. CEO states that we’re all young and healthy so no one needs things like dental, or optical. Half of our executive team is wearing glasses. He moves on.


Tell Us What You Think!

What’s the most Michael Scott thing your boss have ever said or done? We want to hear from you! Comment below or join the discussion on Twitter!

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