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Secret Deodorant Commercial: The Gender Pay Gap Still Makes Us Sweat

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Have you negotiated your salary lately? If you’re female, and the answer is no, it’s probably because you’re afraid to talk about money with the boss – and that’s not your fault. Research shows that women are more likely to pay a social penalty when they ask for what they deserve. But, of course, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So what’s an enterprising female professional to do?

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As this commercial from Secret Deodorant reminds us, practice. In the video embedded below, you’ll see a young professional woman running her lines in a mirror, prior to meeting with her boss to request a raise:

Do You Know What You're Worth?

It’s just a commercial, right? Sure, but it’s also a good reminder that no matter who you are – or what unconscious bias you’re likely to face in a salary negotiation – having a script and practicing until you feel comfortable are the best ways to get the salary you’ve earned. This is especially important for women, who may need to approach salary negotiation slightly differently than men (for example, by focusing on a communal concern or steadfastly sticking to the data they’ve uncovered in their research, to name just two approaches).

Whatever you do, don’t let fear dissuade you from making your case. PayScale’s data show that 75 percent of people who ask for a raise get more money. Start by taking our free Salary Survey and finding out how much you’re worth.

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The wage gap myth is based on an average of all employed N.A. men vs all employed N.A. women. The fact is men tend to take more trades related jobs, or higher risk jobs, and tend to stay with an employer for a longer term; which is why the wage gap appears to exist. A man and a woman who do the same job for the same amount of time make the same money. Before this ad came out, I… Read more »


I knew it …..I read the other article on the three reasons regarding why not to take a job because of interview issues… the opposite of what Luckwaldt (cant decide whether Hubley is a middle name???) is saying and you will land good jobs. Anyway I thought let me see what else she writes about…..THE GENDER PAY CAP (major strawman oh strawperson) one of the list of 2016 outmoded, outdated IRRELEVANT Phrases. If you want a higher salary, follow the… Read more »

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