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5 Work-From-Home Jobs That Aren’t the Usual Customer Service Gigs

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When we talk about work-from-home jobs, we’re usually talking about a very specific type of role that can be done over the phone or computer. It’s true that it’s easier to find a telecommuting job if you work in certain industries – customer service, for example, or administrative support. But not all work-from-home jobs are limited to these areas.

video game tester

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Here are some of the more unexpected work-from-home jobs that are out there:

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1. Video Games Console Tester

This gig made a recent roundup of unique flexible-schedule jobs over at FlexJobs, a job site specializing in telecommuting, part-time, temporary, and other flexible schedule jobs. Their job listing offered a 100 percent telecommuting, part-time role for a candidate with software testing experience and a TV with a HDMI connection.

2. Tax Preparer

If you’re a CPA or enrolled agent, you could make a median salary of $30,000 a year working part-time during the tax season – and thanks to technologies like Skype, you might not ever have to step foot in an office.

3. Private Investigator

Forget what you’ve seen in the movies – today’s PIs are likely to track down their subjects online and can interview them over the phone. A listing on FlexJobs from a few years back offered a research role for an experienced candidate who could pass a security clearance, had strong communication skills, and was willing to conduct background checks and interviews from a home office. (Note that educational and licensing requirements vary by state and employer.)

4. Online Stylist

OK, this one is technically a customer-service role, but it’s different enough from the usual CSR position to warrant inclusion in our list. If you love fashion and helping people find clothing and accessories that work for them, this job will let you do it from the comfort of your own home.

5. Registered Nurse

Unlike some of the other jobs on this list, telecommuting nursing jobs are pretty much always available. Registered nurses who want to work at home can work full- or part-time as telehealth nurses, case managers, care coordinators, and more.

Note: the jobs listed here have been advertised as work-from-home positions by job boards and employers; they’re not necessarily always telecommuting positions.

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