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5 Reasons People Look Forward to Work on Mondays

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For most of us in the workforce, waking up early Monday morning is arguably the most painful activity of the week. But not everybody has a case of the Mondays, like we do. In fact, there are real-life people who exist out there who actually look forward to going into work on Monday mornings. So what kind of jobs do these people have? And what on earth makes them so excited to get to work in the morning? We looked at a recent AskReddit to find out.

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Customer Support – Office Cats

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Reddit user dronkensteen shares that they work in customer support, but that the local office cat really likes their desk. If you’re thinking of adding some felines to your office, take note from user kyonu who says that one to three office cats is about the maximum amount you should have. “When you get litter after litter, they become slightly unmanageable. I’m the ‘crazy cat lady’ (I’m a dude) at my work because of the amount of cats here. I refuse to have them removed.”

Ramp Agent – Waving Wands

If you’ve flown in an aircraft at any time in your life, you’ve probably seen people wearing vests and earmuffs walking around the plane below by your baggage. These are ramp agents, and apparently they really enjoy what they do. This Redditor says, “Every single day is fun! I work early mornings until noonish, and all I do is wave my wands around to park planes, load and unload baggage, and wave my wands around again to send the plane out. I get to hang with great people with excellent work ethic.”

Welder – Creative Freedom

With no boss and no co-workers to worry about, it’s easy to see why user Jud_Turner doesn’t dread Mondays. Bonus points for pet pigs. “As a welder, I get to weld whatever I can make up in my head. I love my job – no boss, no co-workers, and I get to bring my pet pig with me.”

Hiring Manager – Helping People Get Out of the Food Service Industry

When you work in marketing like user untoaster and you aren’t the CEO, you don’t usually get the privilege of hiring and training people for new jobs. Unless your CEO is sleepy all the time. “Our CEO normally handles hiring, but he likes to sleep in, so I’ve taken over hiring for the company. Which means I get to hire people, train them, and help them escape the retail/food service wage slavery. It’s pretty awesome.”

KPop Dancer – Picking Out New Outfits

For those who don’t know, KPop is the short version of Korean pop, which is a musical genre from South Korea that is marked by audiovisual elements. People often hire KPop dancers to perform at events and parties all over the world. But KPop is more than dancing, as hewearsdresses tells us.

“Today, I can wake up late and start working when I want on a job that I love. For work, I need to practice dancing and maintain my wardrobe. There is a new song out today and I need to get acquainted with the dance so I can introduce it into my routine ASAP. I also need to get together an outfit to go with it. It’s fun to get new outfits for work.”

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6th reason; everything that other people screwed up on Saturday, I get to fix on Monday and receive kudos! Yaaaay! (Joke…)

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