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Looking for a Job? Request an Uber


Job hunting can get pretty monotonous: open up your computer, tweak your cover letter, change a bullet point, re-enter your job history, answer a couple of ridiculous questions, and then never hear back. It may seem like the system is set up to keep you from connecting with jobs that really suit you. But what if you could find job listings in places you’d never expect? What if they came to you in the midst of your day-to-day life? It’s not as uncommon as you’d think.


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If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall with the job hunt, be encouraged. Companies are always trying innovative tactics to find potential employees in unexpected places. Here are just a few examples of how you might find a job opening in the last place you’d expect it:

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Uber’s “In-Car Coding Game” for Riders

Uber riders in certain major cities around the U.S. may be surprised when they find an offer on their phone to play a game before they reach their destination. CIO Dive reports that users in Seattle, Austin, Denver, Portland, Boston and beyond have gotten the offer. It’s a part of Uber’s strategy to recruit engineers in certain regions who would have otherwise not been interested in applying to the company.

As Justine Brown of CIO Dive notes, “The labor market for talented tech personal is growing increasingly competitive, especially in places with a large concentration of technology companies.” Which makes a tactic like this a fantastic opportunity to stand out rather than getting lost in a stack of resumes.

IKEA Australia’s “Job Instructions” for Customers

By the same token, IKEA Australia tried to be even sneakier. For people currently using one of their products – i.e., someone who just brought home a bed, desk, or strange piece of furniture to assemble – there would be an extra hidden set of “job instructions” that the customer could follow to get their career at IKEA started.

The genius in this method is that it gives folks who are IKEA loyalists (unless, of course, they had a hard time setting up said strange piece of furniture) the first dibs on a company gig. When you’re looking for a job, aren’t you quick to apply to companies that you already patronize? The stunt resulted in 280 customers taking jobs.

Volkswagen’s “Damaged Cars” for Mechanics

And if you’ve ever felt like someone was watching you at work, or your performance on a particular project especially mattered, Volkswagen took that to a whole new level for mechanics not yet working for the German automaker.

For mechanics who received a damaged vehicle (sent over by Volkswagen themselves) and took the time to check the undercarriage, the reward for hard work was quickly apparent: a sign that read “Wanted: Mechanics” next to a VW logo and URL. It just goes to show, you can never go too far looking for a new job.

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Were your recruited in a seemingly unique way? Do you miss the traditional head-hunter days? Are you not totally sure how to use Uber? Tell us your thoughts, stories, and questions in the comment section below or by joining the conversation on Twitter.

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