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5 Slack Add-Ons to Entertain You at Work

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If you use Slack at your office, you’re already familiar with joy that comes from sending your co-workers gif after gif (or jif after jif). What you might not know is that there is an incredible goldmine of add-ons in Slack that you can use that will make your workday significantly better. From CatFacts to Kanye West, there’s an add-on for that. Check them out here.

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Chuck Norris

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Love Chuck Norris? This add-on is definitely for you. Easy commands allow you to randomly summon a Chuck Norris joke. You can even personalize it so the jokes are addressed to you. Nothing like a little Chuck Norris to get you through a rough morning.


If Chuck Norris isn’t your style, how about some tweets from Kanye? YeBot will automatically slack you one tweet from Kanye West each day. And with the kind of stuff that Kanye West tweets about, this add-on is almost guaranteed to make you laugh.

This is the one add-on on this list that might actually help you be more productive. CoinFlip is, well, just that. Got a tough decision to make? Need to decide where to eat lunch? Use your CoinFlip command and get your decisions made faster.

Everyone needs some time in the workday to not completely focus on work. If you’re a literature buff, LitBot will send you classic literature in short segments, so you can read day by day. All you have to do is request a title.

This add-on pretty much speaks for itself. CatFacts is an add-on that will send you cat facts intermittently throughout the day. You can also summon a random fact with the CatFacts command. The add-on is known as “the world leader in sending true facts about cats.”

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