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How Much Would #ManInTree Get Paid?

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Last week, the Seattle area was pining for more information about #ManInTree. While many people thought he just wanted to be leafed alone, we at PayScale decided to take it one step further. We followed our typical root-ine and asked ourselves, what would a #ManInTree get paid in the job market?


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Well, first we had to define the #ManInTree market that he’s competing in. Others who many not have access to PayScale’s fresh, current market data might have been stumped, but we gladly took on this challenge. We considered looking in Tree Services, but it’s not entirely clear at this point that he was servicing the tree, so instead we chose Landscaping Services to better reflect his talent market.

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Our next step was to consider the key requirements for this role. We considered matching his job to a Forestry Conservation Consultant, but after he started pruning, we decided we were barking up the wrong tree. We know he cut away excess tree branches and climbed trees, so we matched him to a Tree Trimmer/Pruner. Thanks to our ability to benchmark more than just a title, we added additional skills such as Public Speaking, Community Outreach, and Media Relations.

#ManInTree, it looks like you could earn a sweet $15.39 an hour based on your skills in this market. If you’d like to get a free salary report, log on to and find out more. We won’t cut you down!

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